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Chinese-Burmese (Myanmar) translation service is one of our highlighted language solutions as the relationship between China and Myanmar is escalating in political, economic, and cultural sectors. Organizations, companies, and individuals in both countries are expressing opinions, opening markets, or getting information from the other country. As a professional translation company, we have helped many customers like the above to communicate between Chinese and Burmese and successfully reach their target audience or get the business done. Our professional linguist team offers great assistance to Chinese/Myanmar companies or persons in the engineering, investing, trading, textile, electronics, and chemistry industries.


Why Choose Us


✓ Good Native Language Team
✓ Careful Project Reviewing
✓ Auto-Correcting System


We have a perfect domestic translation and interpretation team whose mother tongues are Chinese or Myanmar. When translating, their native understanding of words, expressions, phrases, terms, or cultural sayings is beneficial to maintain the original nuances of your document.

To make your translation as accurate as possible, we are not relying merely on native translators. We have a great team of proofreaders and senior translators who are responsible for correcting mistakes and offering constructive translation suggestions for the whole project team.

Meanwhile, our smart translation server deployed inside the company can help our translators correct spelling errors, glossary misuse, and vulgar expressions. The correction was made simultaneously when our translators were handling the project, which drastically saved our time and thus improved the accuracy.


✓ Overall Proofreading & QA
✓ Translation Memory Base
✓ Good Communication


Consistency is one of our translation goals besides accuracy. When the first round of translation is finished, our proofreading team rechecks the content based on context. They will find if there is any discrepancy that might be neglected in a sentence but remains a significant issue in the whole passage by using advanced QA tools.

Our translation team offers incredible, consistent document translation by using the memory base. When dealing with a specific project, all of the commonly used sentences, phrases, jargon, or terms are preserved as memory units that are grouped by industry or company. As time goes by, these memory units shaped a robust, consistent database.

Another reason for our language consistency is that we keep communicating with our customers throughout the process. When we come across an issue that makes us swing about solutions, such as an ambiguous word or a typo, our service manager will contact you for further confirmation.


✓ Self-Owned Translator Team
✓ Zero Charge on Existing Items
✓ New Customer Discount


We have both Native Chinese and Burmese linguists in our team, which makes us self-sufficient for any scale of Myanmar/Chinese projects. Unlike other competitors who outsource most of the orders, we can handle them by ourselves. Therefore, the cost is reduced from direct ordering.

As we have stated before, our translation memory database archives nearly everything from a project. The database has accumulated almost all documents from our 15 years of working. If your document is similar to any of our existing memory units, we are going to charge for new content only.

If you are a new customer, whether it’s a certified document, a legal contract, or a product manual, you can always get a fair translation price for the initial order. So please contact us for an accurate, consistent, and inexpensive Chinese-Burmese translation service.

Jinyu’s Chinese-Myanmar Translation Insights

1. Chinese-Burmese Translation Price

As a professional Chinese-Burmese translation services provider, our rates for relevant language solutions are price-competitive. With the support of a native linguist team, we can offer service packages of:

  • T (translation only). This is what some small agencies or individual translators do: just send back what they translate to customers without any checking.
  • TE (translation and editing). When the translation is finished, some edition works are performed on typo checking, term use, and sentence structure adjusting.
  • TEP (translation, editing, and proofreading). When the translation and editing process is done, proofreaders check the overall quality of accuracy and consistency by using a series of tools.

Our prices for the above solutions vary because it requires extra effort and knowledge to do the editing and proofreading job. However, if you have a limited budget, you can select the service package wisely and do the rest of the job by yourself. Below is our Chinese-Myanmar human translation quotation:

  • T: $0.06 USD per word.
  • TE: $0.08 USD per word.
  • TEP: $0.10 USD per word.

The above translation rate is only for reference. By default, we will offer our translation at the TEP model to make sure the quality is complying with the highest level. But please feel free to contact us for a detailed discussion about possible solutions and discounts.


2. Chinese-Myanmar Localization and Transcription Services

When you have an online App, a website, or software and want to have a Chinese/Myanmar version of it, a literal translation of the content from your language to the target language is not enough. Your audiences may get confused by the expressions, sentences, or words, which could have to be appropriately converted to the point where the readers understand better. In Jinyu, our native speakers know both cultural knowledge and customer-engaging strategies. That said, they can grasp the best perspective from which your content perfectly fits the desires or buying needs of your audiences or potential customers.


Similar to localization, our Chinese/Myanmar transcription services are also made by native translators. For any video content or handwriting notes, extracting the text from them is the prerequisite of translation. Following is a list of our relevant services:

  • Transcription of Movie/Media Subtitles
  • Transcription of Image Content
  • Transcription of Handwriting Content
  • Transcription and Localization of Games
  • Transcription and Localization of Marketing Materials
  • Transcription and Localization of Public Videos or Speeches

3. Google Translate VS Human Translation

Google Translate is fantastic. Google Translate works well for most of your Chinese-Myanmar translation requirements: it gives accurate conversion, possible options, explanations, and even context adaption. Because Chinese and Burmese are in the same language family, the Google Translate result is better than the translation of the other two different languages. However, there are two problems with Chinese-Myanmar translation when using Google Translate:

  • The Burmese alphabet is not well supported in the UTF-8 charset. You can check the Myanmar translation online, but if you copy and paste it elsewhere, it will end up with messy code.
  • Some translation projects require ultra-high accuracy or certification. Google is not promising 100% accuracy and cannot give any official stamp on your translation.

To solve those problems, it is recommended to consider a professional human translator. As a local Chinese-Burmese language company, we have helped many customers get their documents translated into readable formats and of high quality. Again, here is a list of our regular translation solutions:

  • Certified Translation (Birth Certificates, Diploma, and so on)
  • Business Contract Translation
  • Clinical Report Translation
  • Device Using Manual Translation
  • General Translation (Good Format)

Please contact us if you need professional Chinese to Burmese translation services.


4. Chinese-Myanmar Interpretation Services

We provide Chinese-Myanmar interpretation services also. Our interpreter team works well for all kinds of high-profile events, conventions, gatherings, meetings, or seminars. Compared to automated voice translators, our human interpreters can handle various complicated language tasks properly, such as simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and whispered interpretation. With more than 15 years of translation experience and support from big companies like Huawei and Google, we are good at assisting our customers with the best language services. If you want to try our Chinese-Burmese interpretation services at a low price, please email us right now.


Here is a list of our current interpretation schedule:

  • Interpretation of China-Myanmar (Yangon) Trade Fair 2019
  • Interpretation of International Water & Wastewater Industry Show 2020
  • Interpretation of PPP Expo Myanmar 2020
  • Interpretation of Myanmar Building Materials and Decoration Exhibition
  • Interpretation of Beauty Connect Expo 2020
  • Interpretation of Shenzhen Electronic Gathering
  • Interpretation of China International Import Expo Shanghai 2019
  • Interpretation of Shenzhen Business Negotiation

5. Chinese-Myanmar Translation Services in China

If you are looking for a Myanmar translation service provider in China, Jinyu is the right choice. With more than ten native Burmese translators and good experience in a wide variety of industries, our language services cover machining, agriculture, papermaking, chemistry, medical, import & export, gas, and jade processing industries. Meanwhile, we have rich experience in helping small enterprises or individuals establish a business, find a job, get married, or go to school by translating and certifying their business documents, diplomas, marriage certification, and working permission materials. Besides giving translation which is easy to be accepted by appropriate authorities, we provide constructive suggestions to anyone in need.


Here is a brief list of our local Chinese-Myanmar translation service:

  • Translation of Company Registration Form
  • Translation of Apostille Document
  • Translation of Criminal Report
  • Translation of Import & Export Business Contract
  • Translation of Agricultural Devices Manuals
  • Translation of Religious Files & Records (Buddhism)
  • Translation of Business Plan
  • Translation of Government Documents

More of Our Chinese-Myanmar Translation Services

  • Chinese-Myanmar Legal Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Medical Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Technical Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Financial Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Literary Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Marketing Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Advertising Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Sworn Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Certified Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Notarized Translation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Conference Interpretation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Consecutive Interpretation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Whispered Interpretation
  • Chinese-Myanmar Localization
  • Chinese-Myanmar Transcription
  • Chinese-Myanmar Proofreading

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