Engineering contracts, which are crucial documents frequently utilized in construction, engineering, and related projects, outline the rights, responsibilities, conditions, and payment terms among the parties involved. In the realm of international engineering, the translation of these contracts has become particularly vital to guarantee that the parties have a precise comprehension of the contract’s contents, thereby avoiding misunderstandings and legal disputes.

Types of Engineering Translation

  • Architectural Engineering Translation
  • Electrical Engineering Translation
  • Mechanical Engineering Translation
  • Civil Engineering Translation
  • Environmental Engineering Translation
  • Energy Engineering Translation
  • Automation Engineering Translation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Translation
  • Engineering Standards and Specifications Translation:
  •  Project Review and Acceptance Translation

Jinyu Professional Engineering Contract Translation

We provide a large professional engineering contract translation team to ensure that all types of engineering contract translation manuscripts are handled by seasoned professionals.
Our services include a standardized engineering contract translation process, featuring comprehensive quality control from the initial data acquisition stage to the final submission process. To further enhance our services, we have established a dedicated sales contract translation team. This team is responsible for analyzing client requirements, standardizing professional vocabulary, and determining the appropriate language style and translation approach.
The engineering contract translation project is subject to strict double proofreading, both for language and professional technology. This ensures that even the subtlest nuances of vocabulary are accurately reflected from the initial draft to the final draft, and from proofreading to the final review.
In addition, we maintain uninterrupted recruitment to ensure a continuous influx of top talent and expertise in the field of engineering contract translation.

Why Choose Us

All Expert

✓ Trained to be Medical Linguists
✓ Academic Resource Empowered
✓ Teamwork around the Globe

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✓ Over 500,000 Term Records
✓ Cloud-based Data Center
✓ Non-stop Proofreading

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✓ 24/7 Around the Clock
✓ Quick Turnaround
✓ Flexible Capacity

Our Qualification

Price system

The pricing for our translation services is contingent on the following determinants:

  • Professional complexity and data intricacy
  • Source language
  • Target language
  • The total volume of data to be translated
  • Technical processing complexity
  • Time constraints
  • Layout specifications
  • Ratio of specialized vocabulary
  • The necessity for foreign reviewers and urgency level, etc.

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