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China is the second-largest economy in the world, and Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia. The economic and cultural connections between these two countries are healthy, too: they export and import automobiles, electronic components, crude oil, and chemistry products to each other. Translation between Chinese and Thai (Dai) is an essential process for bilateral communication. Each year, our professional Chinese Thai translators and interpreters have helped hundreds of businesses or individuals get their brand promoted, sign a legal contract, find the right customer, or get the transaction done. If you need a reliable Chinese/Thai translator, please feel free to contact us.


Why Choose Us


✓ Certified Language Team
✓ Strict Quality Standard
✓ Advanced Management


All of the linguists in our team are certified in language or translation fields. We understand that a person who does not know enough about translation skills or background culture cannot relay the original meaning with sound nuances maintained for any Chinese or Thai translation project.

For all of the linguists in our team, there are a series of strict quality standards in terms of error rate, accuracy, consistency, grammar, sentence structure, and readability. When the first round of translation is finished, our proofreaders will check it thoroughly based on the above items.

Our project managers keep coordinating between projects and customers. For a specific Chinese-Thai translation project, the manager makes an excellent effort in language resource organizing, team member performance evaluation, content corpus archiving, and customer opinions collection.


✓ Native Speaking Translator
✓ Rich Language Experience
✓ Good Business Insights


For every Chinese-Thai language project, we only work with translators whose mother tongues are Chinese or Thai. As our customer, you will want to have a perfect translation in which the words, terms, expressions, jargon, or unique sayings are properly converted so your potential readers will like it.

Established in 2004, Jinyu has been a dedicated Chinese-Thai translator since then. The years of translation experience bring us a long list of satisfied customers such as Huawei, BYD, Lenovo, and Tencent. Our bespoke language solutions fit all scales of your requirements.

Located in China’s southern business center, our insight into the business itself is extensive and profound. We fully understand the usage of your business plans, importing and exporting contacts, marketing research, and so on. Therefore, you can get a better translation from us and, if possible, some great suggestions.


✓ Quick Turnaround Time
✓ One-Year Warranty
✓ Competitive Price


We always respect your schedule and thus deliver our translation punctually. To achieve that, we have to set up an effective human resource system that ensures enough productivity and keeps a firm control of translation workflow (real-time progress tracking, speed adjusting, issue handling, etc.).

We stick to the concept that each tiny detail shall be equally processed for every one of our translation plans. Therefore, we offer a one-year warranty for all translated documents. If you find any improper element in our recently delivered content, you can get a quick modification for free.

Our Chinese-Thai translation price is competitive, as the entire job is done by our internal team members instead of outsourced translators. Meanwhile, our smart translation memory database deployed inside our company can save some extra money for you. Please email us to get a convenient and low-cost translation.

Jinyu’s Chinese-Thai Translation Insights

1. Similarities and Differences Between Thai and Chinese

During our Chinese-Thai translation, we found a lot of similarities and differences between these two languages. To improve the translation quality, we have summarized some of the significant likenesses and distinctions and here are some:

  • Thai Syllables vs. Chinese pinyin. Thai words can be decomposed into consonants (consonants), finals (vowels), and accents, which have many similarities with Chinese.
  • Phonetics and glyphs. Thai is a language of pinyin text. There is a set of its own pinyin letters, which combine sound and form. Unlike Chinese, the sound (Chinese pinyin) is separated from the shape (square).
  • Consonants divisions. In Thai, consonants are divided into three categories: neutrons, high consonants, and low consonants. When different types of consonants are spelled with the same vowels, their spelling accents are often different.
  • Sentence order. The major sentence order for both Chinese and Thai are the same: Subject, Verb, Object. However, in Thai sentences, modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs are put after the nouns and verbs rather than in front of them.
  • Word type. There are no changes in word types such as possessive, personal, and number in Thai. To express different meanings, the only thing you need to do is add or subtract other words or adjust the word order, just like in Chinese.
  • Historical Influence. Particular dialects of Chinese must have influenced the Thai language due to a long history of communication. It is conservatively estimated that more than 10-15% of Thai words come from Chinese in modern Thai.

2. Chinese-Thai Translation Examples

Here are some examples from our recent Chinese to Thai translation projects:

介质常数和散失因子是印制电路板介质材料最重要的两个电气特性,介质常数和散失因子的存在,是造成 PCB 传输线损耗的根源所在。
ค่าคงที่ของอิเล็กทริกและปัจจัยการกระจายเป็นสองลักษณะทางไฟฟ้าที่สำคัญที่สุดของวัสดุอิเล็กทริกของแผงวงจรพิมพ์การมีค่าคงที่ของไดอิเล็กตริกและปัจจัยการกระจายตัวเป็นสาเหตุของการสูญเสียสายส่ง PCB

3. Translating Chinese/Thai, Online or Human?

Chinese and Thai both belong to Sino-Tibetan language families, which makes the machine translation between them a little easier. So, does online translation like Google Translate work better than human translation? According to our translation experience, at least in some cases, automated translation is not as accurate as humans, such as medical translation, legal contracts translation, or handwritten content recognition and translation. However, Chinese-Thai online translation is enough for daily communication, regular documents, or standardized content in many situations. Therefore, using apps wisely for translation projects is beneficial for you.


Suppose you understand the differences between Google  Translate and human translation and still want to get help from a professional native translator. In that case, Jinyu is here to assist you with your business and personal issues. Here are some of our highlighted human translation items:

  • Chinese/Thai Handwriting Transcription
  • Chinese/Thai Software Localization
  • Chinese/Thai Marketing Content Translation
  • Chinese/Thai Business Contract Translation
  • Chinese/Thai Tender/Bid Document Translation
  • Chinese/Thai Clinical Report/Research Translation

4. Chinese-Thai Interpretation Services

We have an excellent interpreter team offering simultaneous interpretation or consecutive interpretation from Chinese to Thai or from Thai to Chinese. Our native Chinese/Thai linguists have good knowledge of different accents or dialects, such as southern/northern Thai accents, central accents, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, and Hokkien. They are thus capable of dealing with complicated language tasks. So far, our one-stop interpretation solution has helped lots of businesses from investment, manufacturing, electronics, trading, and banking industries with conference interpretation, meeting interpretation, expo interpretation, and so on.


Here is a list of our recent Chinese-Thai Interpretation projects:

  • Interpretation of Bangkok Printing Exhibition 2020
  • Interpretation of Shenzhen Electronic Business Negotiation
  • Interpretation of Yiwu Commodity Importing Factory Checking
  • Interpretation of CHINA-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Fair 2019
  • Interpretation of IEEE ASIA Fair 2019
  • Interpretation of Marine & Offshore Expo Thailand 2020
  • Interpretation of Personal Guilin Travel
  • Interpretation of Bangkok HVAC Expo 2019

5. Chinese-Thai Translation Services in China

We can offer onsite language to help with any kind of Thai translation projects in China. For anyone who needs onsite interpretation, certified document translation, stamping, legal affairs translation, or local travel guide service, our language team can meet all your requirements. Our native human translation service is more accurate, consistent, and price competitive compared to an automated online translator or voice translation software. Meanwhile, China contains a significant consuming potential for automobiles, rice, computer accessories, electrical appliances, jewellery, clothes, and chemical products. If you need any language help or business assistance in China, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Here are some of the typical Chinese-Thai translation services we offer in China:

  • Translation of Certified Documents (Diploma, Certificates, Criminal Reports)
  • Translation of Business Content (Contracts, Memorandums)
  • Translation of Marketing Commercials (Media Content, Ads)
  • Translation of Communication Materials (Emails, Letters, Certifications)
  • Interpretation of Onsite Presentations (Meetings, Product Launch)
  • Interpretation of Personal Affairs (Medical, Financial, Family Issues)
  • Localization of Online Content (Website, Apps)
  • Localization of Games

More of Our Chinese-Thai Translation Services

  • Chinese-Thai Legal Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Medical Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Technical Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Financial Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Literary Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Marketing Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Advertising Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Sworn Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Certified Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Notarized Translation
  • Chinese-Thai Conference Interpretation
  • Chinese-Thai Consecutive Interpretation
  • Chinese-Thai Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Chinese-Thai Whispered Interpretation
  • Chinese-Thai Localization
  • Chinese-Thai Transcription
  • Chinese-Thai Proofreading

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