About Us

From 2004, we have been a team of 50+ professionals and 2 offices with an experience of 20 years in Chinese language translation and localization services.

Our major business includes:

  • Chinese document translation
  • Medical document translation
  • Marketing material translation
  • Business translation & interpretation
  • Localization
  • Certificate translation

With the help of a centralized quality management system, we always deliver the best and the most consistent translated work.


We solve your language problem and help your business​

We started off as a family-based team offering engineering document translation in the city. This then expanded into a larger group offering a wider range of high-quality Chinese language services. Whether it is a certificate translation or professional work, we make sure it’s done well.

Our Mission​

We strive to provide the most reliable and efficient Chinese language services without compromising on content quality. We also aim to prove our translation skills, fair prices and customer care so that we continue our business relationship for many years beyond the first job we complete.

Core Values​

Consider honesty as the key to a business’s trustworthiness and integrity.​
Always do the right thing to solve the customer’s problem.​
Perform all work with the highest level of excellence in mind.​

Why Choose Us?​

We show you our appreciation by going above and beyond, ensuring a flawless language experience. We can be your top choice today!

Highly qualified staff​
100% satisfaction guaranteed​
Honest and fair pricing​​
“GroupShare” system equipped​
Local authority approved​

Easy & Fast

Grab anything to send, no bother. Don’t have a copy of the origin file? No worries, take a picture and send it via Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, or anything. We will do the rest without effort. We use phone calls to confirm necessary details with you, as it comes faster.

Affordable Price

Your translation service cost here is inexpensive. The average price is 0.06 USD per word. It’s always a win-win situation: we earn enough for an undeveloped local income level, and you save enough for a significant exchange rate. Please rest assured that our translation quality remains excellent, though.

All-in-1 Solutions

Your translated files must be beautiful. When we do it, we not only convert the words themselves but also renew the layout. Font style, paddings, headers & footers, background, stamps, and illustrations all stayed correctly in the new document. You will get all these at no extra charge.

Overview Supported

Sometimes, you don’t need to translate 100% of your items. “What is this about in Chinese?” is one of the most common requests we have got. If you are not sure or just want to know the general meaning of a piece of content (mostly handwritten), you can have it from us without being fully charged.

Trust before Pay

By default, you pay to us until you get all the things at hand. It is risky to send money online too early. So we don’t ask our new customers to pay before they receive our translation files. When the issue, usually the translation, is solved and approved, you make the rest payment (typically 50%).

Qualified Translation

Our Chinese translation services are officially recognized. In order to offer you the best linguistic results, we joined the Translators Association of China and interact with domestic translators positively. Also, the acquired ISO9001 certification guaranteed our language quality.


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