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Jinyu Translation works closely with the best law firms, legal departments or individuals for legal document translation services. We translate patents, company contracts, terms and conditions, service agreements, licenses approved etc. Our online translation solutions enable businesses, law firms or individuals to get a legal document translated promptly and accurately. Our complete law translation services include editing, proofreading, transcription and desktop publishing.


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Safety is the first priority. We know that keeping your legislative transfer document confidential is especially essential.

We apply our highest privacy standards on these ventures for the translation of company contracts, law material or the interpretation of court proceedings. Since many of them are sensitive, we are pleased to sign a non-disclosure agreement of all kinds before translation.

We support the privacy law of the European Union, and also the GDPR. This newly introduced law stipulates that when reporting, using or handling customer data, any organization doing business (including translation business) must meet the requirements. Jinyu is doing just that. At the same time, our legal translation service allows you to provide your clients with terms of privacy in various languages.


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The task of interpreting legal documents requires special attention and makes zero-error. That is why we select our professional linguists carefully to ensure high-quality translation.

In some instances, there are legitimate words, phrases, and jargons that can only be provided correctly by skilled legal translators. Our authorized team members are also specialists in both terminology and the fields of law.

For those loan words, phrases, argots, and formal words, here are some examples of Chinese language examples of the above legal content: “de facto (事实上的)”, “alibi (不在犯罪现场)”, “per se (自身)”, “ipso facto (依事实本身)”, “burden of proof (举证责任)”, “negotiable instrument (流通票据)”, “material breach (重大违约)”, “invoke (援引)”, “reasonable doubt (合理的怀疑)”. These are all regular translations of laws or particular agreements.


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Jinyu has for legal translation services established more than 5,000 customers around the world.

Our business has been the chosen provider of language for many of the local courts, prosecutors and law firms. Meanwhile, large companies such as Huawei or Tetra Pak collaborate with us on the translation of commercial deals, contracts for work, and terms of use, operating deals, or memorandum of understanding.

Below is a list of our regular translations in the local legal system: court decision, bill of indictment, record of investigation, criminal judgment, civil judgment, declaration of argument, letter of agreement, contract of employment, sales contract, request for administrative reconsideration, lease agreement, rental lease, equity transfer agreement, etc.

Best Legal Document Translator

1. Translation of Patent/Intellectual Property Law

Patents are essential to your enterprise. For your intellectual property such as technological innovations, graphic designs, or artistic works to be covered worldwide, it is crucial to have your patent translated. Jinyu works closely with law firms concerned with intellectual property to translate trademarks, labels and copyrights into Chinese and other European and Asian languages. Our professional translators are excellent at some industry and legal translation to enable our client's IP to be protected quickly.


Every day, our legitimate linguists translate PCT or EP patents. Our natural language translators manually translate all of the patent applications, office activities and patent infringement papers. They are all familiar with a set of knowledge of topics, academic norms and language skills. Our pre-approved proofreaders should scrutinize all documents with care. Our clear, logical structure, precise expression and unique jargon translation gained increasing recognition from the customers.


2. Translation of Legal Contract

Most of the formal process involves a contract-signing action for all parties concerned. For anyone who does business, hires people or just goes somewhere, a contract is relevant. If the parties come from different countries, precise contractual translation becomes necessary. Every specific item within it is written, so the contract translation must be careful enough. Jinyu provides the best contract translation solutions in over 60 languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, and Russian and so on.


We are getting a contract translation service from both companies and individuals. We also translate sales bills, non-disclosure agreements, promissory notes, employment contracts, licensing agreements, residential leases, attorney's control, etc. Contract translation is a combination of linguistic knowledge and legal accuracy. We also pick the best members of our team to perform various contract translation tasks.


3. Translation of Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are commonly used in websites, company records, or service offerings for businesses. Inappropriate translation of these relevant legal clauses may trigger international disputes. Given that they act as your formal and public statement, offering multilingual versions of your terms and conditions is a big move towards improving the global business. Our translation program with high-quality terms & conditions will ensure that you get the correct version and a reasonable price.


When doing the translation of terms and conditions, our teams pay attention to several language aspects. Lexical, syntactic, and textual distinctions are made. Special terms, synonyms, ancient words, legal words are all required in terms of translation for lexical comparison; for syntactic comparison, translators set word, expression, and form of a sentence according to different language styles.


4. Translation of Service/Business Agreement

Service or company agreements take effect on contract information, financial products, logistics quality and production plan for foreign business parties. Often, it is used more frequently than a contract. Localization of such products is therefore necessary for every global business to ensure the rights and responsibilities of all parties in respect of a particular service. Translation of commercial agreement shall be meaningless and style-consistent.


Popular legal agreements that we interpret include foreign trade arrangements, joint venture deals, foreign declaration, multinational cooperation contracts, multilingual patent applications, technology transfer, procurement and distribution deals, and cross-board dispute resolution. Jinyu has a rigid standard for ensuring continuity when interpreting the service agreements set out above.


5. Translation of Licenses & Permits

For people seeking transfers to high school, working overseas, applying for education, or accepting citizenship, you'll have a number of licenses or permits to translate. For e.g., you need to validate and translate your passport, university diploma, noncriminal certificate, job verification document, local notarization records, if you want to get a work permit in China. Of all these licenses, formal stamped translations are required in different areas.


Jinyu translation is ready to translate your licenses or permits, as well as qualified enough in the official vendor list of local translation services. Our 3-step quality management program ensures you get quick and correct translations. Most notably, all our translations comply with all applicable legislative criteria. We give a lifetime guarantee on all licenses or certificates being translated.


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