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China and Germany are good trade partners. Translation from Chinese to German or from German to Chinese has become a much-demand service as communications among companies or individuals from these two countries are getting more frequent. Of all the Chinese/German documents we translated, there are four major types of files: business contracts (product descriptions), medical documents (test reports, journal), technological files (manual, standards), and marketing materials (website, apps, ads, emails). With more than 15 years of experience in Chinese-German translation, Jinyu provides every customer with the best language services and helpful cultural advice.


Why Choose Us


✓ Strict Quality Criteria
✓ All Native Translator
✓ Good Management


We apply strict quality criteria for Chinese-German translator selection, project translation & proofreading, and internal teamwork. Every document will go through at least 3 phases before it has been sent back to ensure the best quality.

As we have stated before, we cooperate only with the best linguists. For Chinese-German translation projects, all of our team members are certified Chinese translators or German linguists. We know that translation quality is a crucial part of both our customer relationship and our reputation building.

Our project managers excel. Complying with the two-person rule, we make sure that each project is assigned to at least one translator and one project manager. Because even a professional always makes mistakes when working independently, our reviewing and proofreading procedures can help to eliminate those blunders.


✓ Customized Solutions
✓ Additional Services
✓ Personal Manager


Our Chinese to German or German to Chinese translation services are not fixed. One can choose either a default service (translation + evaluation + proofreading) or a single option such as stamping from us. The flexibility saves our customers money usually.

Meanwhile, we accept some additional services. For example, if your document is highly sensitive, you may ask for a data protection protocol on order besides signing a non-disclosure agreement. Please feel free to contact us for any personalized request for translation.

All of your translation requests, no matter the scale of the project, is connected to our project managers. During the process of translation, you will be connected and informed by your exclusive manager, who is responsible for the coordination of the project.


✓ Industry Knowledge
✓ Cultural Background
✓ Machine Learning


Our German-Chinese translation team is knowledgeable about not only language skills or translation techniques but also knowledge of common industries: financial, information & technology, medical, business, manufacturing, and so on.

One advantage of using native translators is that they genuinely know at least one kind of background culture of China or Germany. Only with an excellent understanding of cultural nuances the translator can find the best way to reach potential audiences or relay the most significant ideas.

We have deployed a set of servers inside our translator team to collect language resources, analyze semantics, and provide accurate terms. For long-term cooperation partners, our translated document, assisted by machines, remains reliable and consistent over time.

Our Chinese-German Translation Insights

1. Difficulty of Chinese-German Translation

When translating between Chinese and German, there are many difficulties for the translator. As these two languages are far different from each other, understanding one document with the other language may be confusing sometimes. Here we have listed some of the difficulties of Chinese-German translation projects:

  • Difficult to understand. Sometimes, when we split the original sentence into pieces of words, we found them still confusing. Or it is hard to find a counterpart in Chinese/German for some elements, such as: “Er fordert sich und seineMitarbeiter oft recht hart-nie aber eines billigen Effektes wegen, um einenLuftballon aufzublasen.”
  • It is difficult to keep the original nuances. For example, in the German sentence “Er blickt in die Windrichtung,” even if we understand the meaning, we cannot make a word-to-word translation as its Chinese expression shall be polished and adjusted well to maintain the nuance.
  • Difficult to finish wording. When doing German-Chinese translation, translators are prone to being hindered by sentence wording. In the following example sentence, the order of time adverbial shall be adjusted: “Als Beethoven starb, lag seinletztes öffentliches Auftreten als Pianist schon dreizehn Jahre zurück.”
  • Difficult to finish wording. Deletions are frequent in German or Chinese. People use it in certain contexts or under specific language habits. In that case, the translator shall be attentive to context or backgrounds to fix the missing parts.
  • Difficult to translate long sentences. When handling academic papers or professional publishing, the translator has to deal with long-sentence translation. A combination of language skills is often applied to long German/Chinese sentences at that time.

2. Chinese-German Translation Examples

Here are some examples of our German to Chinese and Chinese to German translation services:

Die Stadt Freising lobte 2008 einen offenen städtebaulichen Ideenwettbewerb aufdem Areal der ehemaligen General von Stein Kaserne aus.
Der maximal einzuhaltende Primärenergiekennwert für ein Gebäude wird mit einem Referenzgebäudeverfahren ermittelt. Dabei wird der zulässige Kennwert anhand eines identischen Gebäudes mit gleicher Geometrie, Gebäudenutzfläche und Ausrichtung, aber unter Annahme normierter Bauteile und Anlagentechnik berechnet.
Obwohl die Kompilierungstechnologie früher weit verbreitet war, unterhalten Versionsverteiler heute eine große Bibliothek vorkompilierter Binärdateien.
Sie geben ein Keyword in Google ein und innerhalb weniger Millisekunden generiert der Computer eine Seite. Bitte beachten Sie, dass diese Seite nicht in der Welt existiert, sondern für das von Ihnen eingegebene Schlüsselwort generiert wurde. Google hat ein Wissenssystem für Ihre Fragen erstellt.

3. Chinese-German Translation Strategies

When dealing with Chinese or German translation, there are several useful strategies or skills for translators. Here is a list of our German to Chinese translation tips:

  • Inspect context. For some technology documents, one might encounter some compound terminologies or made-up words that are not in the dictionary. For example, “Freihandlinie” and “Elektrogewinde” are words selected from our projects, and we translate them based on explanations in the context.
  • Understand subject area knowledge. For German words like “Stahlpanzerrohrgewinde” or “Profiltiefe,” a translator will not be able to translate them even if he or she knows the meaning. Therefore, good linguists must master both language skills and industry knowledge at the same time.
  • Focus on adjectives & adverbs. Adjectives or adverbs are used to describe degrees or actions and thus are technically necessary. When translating a manual or guide, the Chinese-German translator should consider those words carefully. For example: kegelig andrehen – 用车削方式倒圆。
  • Ask for help. Although translators know something about specific fields, it is always recommended to seek advice from professionals who have extensive knowledge of certain spheres and are experienced in explaining the concepts. Jinyu invites specialists from various industries to share their knowledge as well.

4. Chinese-German Interpretation Services

Besides translation, we offer interpretation services between Chinese and German also. Our simultaneous and consecutive interpreters are ready to help you with professional language skills and perfect interpersonal abilities. When making Chinese-German interpretations, we charge based on the working time compared to the document content of the translation. If you choose us to be your simultaneous translator, the extra fee shall be charged for interpretation devices such as booths, earphones, emitters, and so on. Of course, we can offer interpretation between Chinese and any other languages such as English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian, etc. Please feel free to call us for the right language solution.


Here are our most common Chinese-German interpretation services:

  • Chinese-German Conference Interpretation
  • Chinese-German Simultaneous Interpretation of Events/Seminars
  • Chinese-German Interpretation of Business Negotiation
  • Chinese-German Interpretation of Press Releases
  • Chinese-German Interpretation of Exhibitions
  • Chinese-German Whispered Interpretation of Court Procedures

5. Chinese-German Translation Services in China

Are you looking for a German translator in China? Jinyu is glad to assist you with any type of translation project with our native linguists and professional project managers. Our experienced translators are good at handling all kinds of Chinese variations (Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Hakka, Xiang, Jin, and Minnan) and written forms (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese). They thus can deal with complicated Chinese-German translation tasks. With ISO certified for language services and German education background, our language team is competent to handle document translation, on-site interpretation, or tour guides across the country.


We can offer Chinese-German translation services in:

  • Shenzhen (our headquarters)
  • Guangzhou
  • Hong Kong
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Guilin
  • Hangzhou
  • Xi’an
  • Chengdu
  • Chongqing
  • Changsha
  • Guiyang
  • Wuhan

More of Our Chinese-German Translation Services

  • Chinese-German Legal Translation
  • Chinese-German Medical Translation
  • Chinese-German Technical Translation
  • Chinese-German Financial Translation
  • Chinese-German Literary Translation
  • Chinese-German Marketing Translation
  • Chinese-German Advertising Translation
  • Chinese-German Sworn Translation
  • Chinese-German Certified Translation
  • Chinese-German Notarized Translation
  • Chinese-German Conference Interpretation
  • Chinese-German Whispered Interpretation
  • Chinese-German Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Chinese-German Localization
  • Chinese-German Transcription
  • Chinese-German Proofreading

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