As globalization progresses, an increasing number of individuals are availing themselves of healthcare services on an international level. The translation of medical records enables healthcare professionals to comprehend the patient’s medical history, diagnosis, and treatment alternatives, thereby ensuring effective care across national borders.

Go abroad for Medical Treatment

Patients with complex conditions, particularly those with cancer, seek the most advanced medical treatments. Under such circumstances, seeking medical treatment in the United States is a viable option. However, some patients are unable to travel to the United States due to their health or other constraints. In such cases, teleconsultation can be employed to obtain diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations from American experts.

Medical records translation requires professional medical translation services

Prior to planning a trip to the United States for medical treatment or teleconsultation, U.S. hospitals necessitate English translations of various medical documents, including progress notes, test results, discharge summaries, pathology reports, and CT, PET, and MRI reports. These specialized medical documents should be translated into English by a professional with a medical background. Selecting a general translation company might pose challenges in finding a suitable medical translator, leading to medical records that are incomprehensible to U.S. medical institutions and even causing severe errors. Only a medical professional can accurately comprehend medical records, imaging reports, and immunohistochemical reports.

Types of medical reports that need to be translated

  • Imaging reports (X-ray, computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound)
  • Pathological and immunohistochemical reports
  • Clinical treatment reports
  • Surgical records
  • Electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, endoscopies, and so on
  • Genetic test reports

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Jinyu Translation, a preeminent medical translation company in China, unites a proficient translation team, seasoned in experience and steeped in medical expertise, to offer you precise and professional medical record translation services. Our translators possess substantial medical knowledge and have honed their skills through practical clinical and laboratory work experience. Upon completion of the translation process, our medical authorities meticulously review and revise the work to guarantee its accuracy and professionalism. For over a decade, we have successfully translated a multitude of patient medical records, discharge summaries, laboratory reports, CT, MRI, PET reports, and genetic testing reports. Our professional medical record translation service streamlines the process for patients seeking professional medical advice and treatment plans, whether they are undergoing medical treatment in the United States or remote consultation. By simply taking photos or scanning your medical records, inspection reports, and other relevant documents, and sending them to us, we will strive to provide you with accurate translations that align with the original medical records and reports in the shortest timeframe possible. In instances of pressing customer needs, we also offer an expedited service to ensure that you receive timely support during critical times.

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