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Chuchotage interpreting, or whispered interpretation, is a type of translation by which the interpreter sits near you and interprets what the speaker says to you at a low volume. Similar to simultaneous interpretation, chuchotage interpretation requires the interpreter to speak in real-time. However, a whispering interpreting service is cheaper than simultaneous translation, as no equipment or extra interpreters are needed. Supported by hundreds of best interpreters and thousands of international partners, Jinyu’s chuchotage interpretation service has been one of our highlighted projects and won full recognition at home and abroad. Call us now for a talk about your project.


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✓ Help You to Choose Plans
✓ Scalable Interpreting Services
✓ Good Location Arrangement


You probably do not know too much about chuchotage interpreting services, but it is OK as long as you tell us your detailed requirements. We will suggest the best fit from whispering interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation for you.

When we think your project is too formal or complex to chuchotage interpreting, we may suggest another service, such as simultaneous interpretation. That is to say that our language solutions are scalable. Anyway, you can ask for any type of interpretation services you want.

Meanwhile, as whispered interpretation requires, the interpreter stays near the audience; he or she may need to adjust the setting within the location a little for better communication. Our experienced linguists or technicians can always make sure about the best interpreting position.


✓ Customized Warm-up Section
✓ Diversified Personal Services
✓ OK for Long-term Cooperation


Not sure about the translator? No worries, we are glad to let you connect with your chuchotage interpreter beforehand. You can talk with each other about the project theme, detailed requirements, event abstract, or anything you want. We understand that it is essential to have an excellent relationship to start a personal interpretation.

Come here not only for the event? Sure, you are. After the conference, you might want to have a short tour of the city or buy some souvenirs for your loved ones. It’s OK. Our interpreters are glad to accompany you to do anything like the above.

Do you still need local help after this business negotiation? Fine, our chuchotage interpreters are friendly enough to assist you with related affairs remotely. In that case, he or she is ready to become your agent rather than someone to deal with the language only.


✓ Non-disclosure Agreement
✓ Internal Security Control
✓ Extra Devices Available


Since whispered interpretation services are usually applied for small seminars or meetings, it is perfectly suitable for private conditions. That is why we sign a non-disclosure agreement with every customer for whispering interpretation services.

Meanwhile, we have strict data control regulations inside our team. Any member of the interpretation group is not accessible to sensitive information of our customers. At the same time, the security-enhanced infrastructure ensures that our online communication remains protected.

As whispered interpretation is performed via open dialogue, it is not confidential when other audiences are sitting beside you. In this instance, we can offer microphones and earphones so the interpretation stays silent and secured.

Good Whispered Interpreter

1. Advantages of Chuchotage Interpretation

Compared to simultaneous interpretation, there are several advantages of chuchotage interpretation services:

  • Cost-effective. As whispered interpretation usually does not require any special equipment or extra interpreters, at least 30% of the total cost can be reduced.
  • Flexible. There is no on-site coordination or preparation for place arrangement for a chuchotage interpreting project. The interpreter can start the work in many situations (conference, dinner, car, hospital, etc.).

Meanwhile, there are several facts worth noting:

  • You will get better communication. Typically, you are the only customer of the whispering interpreting service, so you have the right to choose information. When you think the speaker is talking about something you don’t care so much, you can have a personal dialogue with the translator about the key messages.
  • You will get better help. When the speaker is saying something boring and if you don’t think his speech is valuable, you are free to ask your chuchotage interpreter to buy you a coffee. He or she must be pleased to do that also.

Please contact us for a whispered translation service, and we are happy to help you with perfect language skills and the right interpersonal strategies.


2. Disadvantages of Chuchotage Interpretation

There are some disadvantages of chuchotage interpreting service also:

  • Distraction. Both the interpreter and the listener are likely to be distracted throughout the event. Without the protection of the soundproof booth, the interpreter is inevitably exposed to various noises. Meanwhile, although he or she is murmuring the translation, the audience beside them can still hear their talk and thus be distracted.
  • Mistakes. The interpreter has to listen, understand, and translate to the audience at no break, so he or she is always mentally taxing, which increases the risk of missing out on important information. As the speaker is not stopping or repeating his words, there is no room for him or her to correct the wrong interpretation.

Moreover, there are some unfavourable facts about whispering interpretation:

  • It is not suitable for larger audiences. Usually, one whispering interpreter works only for one or two customers because it becomes inconvenient to relay his or her words to multiple customers even though they are sitting together.
  • It is not easy to control the volume. If the voice volume of the interpreter is too low, the customer will not get enough information; if it is too loud, there must be some audience who do not need any translation annoyed by the interpretation.
  • The translation may not be too accurate. As the interpreter is not using any tools to work, the only resource he or she might utilize is his or her brain. If the speaker goes too fast, there might be situations in which you will get only rough ideas of what he says.

3. Whispered Interpretation for Business Meetings

Whispered interpretation services are commonly applied for business meetings. When you come to visit your supplier in another country, you may attend some order negotiations or factory warehouse checking, where you are the only foreigner and an independent party. Having a whispering interpreter along with you will not only help you handle the communication but also identify possible tricks or risks for your business. The language used in a business meeting is informal, industry-oriented, and full of data or terms. The interpreter shall be qualified for communication as well as industry knowledge.


Here are some examples of our chuchotage interpreting services for a business meeting:

We would appreciate your detailed English product profile. Please accept my sincere appreciation for inviting us to your company.
The organizing committee has provided you and the Chinese enterprise with a Cooperation Memorandum. In terms of your fruitful discussion, would you like to sign the memorandum with them for your further contact and cooperation?
That’s all for our product introduction. What are your specific product needs?

4. Whispered Interpretation for Legal Proceedings

Whispered interpretation is popular for legal proceedings when you come to a foreign country to audit an essential procedure as a spectator. In most of the countries, people are free to enter the opening court to witness silently. At this point, a chuchotage interpreter is useful for providing you with the correct information in your language without breaking the court rules. In other words, you can quickly get the translated legal information when the judge is making the statement with the help of our whispering interpreters. With more than 15 years of experience in court whispering interpretation, Jinyu is always pleased to offer our best translation solutions.


Here is one example of our whispered interpretation of legal proceedings:

As long as an employer provides one or two workers with an accommodation/–say, those with particularly hazardous jobs, or those whose workplace presence is particularly needed, or those who have worked at the company for many years, or those who are over the age of 55/–then it must provide similar accommodations to all pregnant workers (with comparable physical limitations), irrespective of the nature of their jobs, the employer’s need to keep them working, their ages, or any other criteria.
只要用人单位为一到两名员工提供特殊照顾,比如那些从事高危工作的员工、职责尤为重要的员工、工龄很长的老员工,或是那些年龄在 55 岁以上的员工,那么它必须为所有怀孕员工提供同等的待遇(因身体状况同他们类似),不论他们的工作性质有何不同、用人单位是否要继续任用他们、以及他们的年龄大小或是任何其他标准。

5. Chinese Chuchotage Interpreting Services

We offer Chinese chuchotage interpreting services with the best whispering interpreters and the most experienced language teams. Located in China, Jinyu is powered by hundreds of native translators and interpreters who are experts not only in language but also in certain industries. Certified by ISO9001:2015 on language services, we always select top-quality and customer-based linguists for our Chinese whispering interpretation services. Dedicated to a set of core values of customer satisfaction, our Chinese interpreters and language service will offer strong support for your business and personal affairs. Contact us now to discuss any language project.


To join our chuchotage (whispered) interpreting team, one candidate shall go through the following process from which you may get a basic understanding of how strict our linguist screening is:

  • Qualification Screening
  • Written Examination: General Language Test (Target Language)
  • Written Examination: General Language Test (Chinese)
  • Written Examination: Industry Knowledge
  • Written Examination: Listening
  • Interview: Interpretation
  • Interview: Communication
  • Interview: Stress Testing
  • Interview: Team Work on Translation

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