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Chinese to Italian translation service is one of our language solutions. Jinyu has been translating from Chinese to Italian or Italian to Chinese for more than 15 years, with a human expert team familiar with branches of Italian and different forms of Chinese. Our accurate translation quality has won reliance from customers in the medical, technological, retail, electronics, business, and media industries. We can translate documents of any format and are available for all kinds of projects, such as interpretation, localization, proofreading, etc. Please contact us with your plan to get a free quote.


Why Choose Us

Human Expert

✓ Native Chinese/Italian Team
✓ Translation + Proofreading
✓ Strict Quality Control


As a professional translation company, we only work with native linguists to ensure the best quality of the translated document. Our local native Chinese translators and remote Italian teams are working closely together to handle all sorts of language projects.

We perform Translation, Evaluation, and Proofreading (also known as TEP) for each of our Chinese-Italian projects. We understand that only by repeatedly checking the translated content will it be accurate and consistent. That is why the customer satisfaction rate of our language service reaches as high as 98%.

Besides necessary proofreading, our translation services utilize automated CAT tools to improve language accuracy. There are large numbers of terms, jargon, expressions, and idioms among different industries that cannot be translated based on human experiences. We established our automated system in our management system to further enhance the overall level of translation quality.

Rich Experience

✓ Qualified Translation Team
✓ Subject Area Knowledge
✓ Memory & Term Database


All of our proficient translators have a diploma in Chinese or Italian and are endorsed by authoritative language evaluation originations or have more than five years of translation experience. They get well-trained during the daily translation tasks.

Meanwhile, most of our linguists have not only extensive language skills but also good subject area knowledge. As a translation expert has to deal with complicated industry documents, he or she is obliged to study specific fields widely.

We have deployed a translation memory database and term base to keep all of our Chinese-Italian projects documented. Next time a new document is imported before translation, a result of term/expression similarity will be calculated, and relevant translation suggestions are also given.

Good Service

✓ Fast Turnaround Time
✓ One Year Warranty
✓ Trusted by Big Businesses


We are 7/24 available as Europe and China are located in different time zones. Meanwhile, our standby language team is always ready to handle translation tasks quickly. Our flexible capacity can let us hit the balance between translation speed and quality for the project with a tight deadline.

When the translated document is delivered, you can always return it to us for modification during the one-year warranty. We don’t charge for most of the aftersales issues, so please feel free to email us to get a project evaluation for free.

Our excellent language services have gained the trust of big businesses like Huawei, Baidu, and TetraPak. Some of them are keeping long-term partnerships with us for company information translation, media globalization, internal document translation, and so on.

Jinyu’s Chinese-Italian Translation Insights

1. Chinese-Italian Translation Strategies

When dealing with Chinese-Italian translation projects, translators apply several strategies to relay the meaning in the other language. Chinese and Italian are dissimilar in their grammar system, expression habits, and sentence structure, so literal translation is not a good option. Here are some translation tips:

  • Understand lexical characteristics. Italian is a “beautiful” language in which many modifying words (adjectives, adverbs) or clauses are used throughout the sentence. While translating such an artistic language into Chinese, the translator has to analyze the usages and actual effect of Chinese words, after which proper diction can be employed.
  • Know the grammar differences. To indicate tense, numbers, or genders, inflections are used in Italian, while helper words are applied in Chinese. Therefore, many Italian sentences do not have a subject that should be translated explicitly into Chinese.
  • Recognize the usage of the document. Before we translate a text from Chinese to Italian or vice versa, we should recognize the formality of the material from its usage. For example, if used for legal purposes, the translation should be done in a straight way, which is honest with the original text.
  • Focus on context. Translation based on the background is an effective way to avoid ambiguity and improve consistency. This strategy is useful for Chinese-Italian interpretation as well. When the speaker is saying something obscure or beyond comprehension, the interpreter usually can get the explanation in the following statement.

2. Chinese-Italian Translation Examples

Here are some translation example sentences from our Chinese-Italian language projects:

Nella chiara acqua del torrente i pesciolini stanno nuotando avanti e indietro.
sviluppo della consapevolezza del proprio ruolo e del processo di appren-dimento: gli studenti vengono incoraggiati a riflettere su bisogni e obiettivi linguistici, abitudini, strategie e stili di apprendimento;
Il mio lavoro mi piace perché credo sia importante per la formazione delle nuove generazioni, mi permette di trasmettere ciò che ho imparato da altri docenti.
Presso questa università seguo diversi corsi, distribuiti su tutti i livelli, dal primo al quarto anno. Le discipline oggetto del mio insegnamento sono principalmente Grammatica, Lettura, Audio-Video, Trattativa-commerciale, oltre ad alcuni laboratori tra cui Grammatica e Cucina. Mi occupo inoltre di aiutare i ragazzi nella redazione della loro tesi di laurea.

3. Diploma Translation Template from Chinese to Italian

Every year, there are a lot of students who are about to study abroad come to us to have their diplomas transited and certified in Chinese/Italian. As the translations for such kinds of certificates are relatively simple and fixed, we hereby provide one of the templates for Chinese-Italian diploma translation:

  • 名 – nome    姓 – cognomen    性别 – sesso
  • 出生日期 – data di nascita    出生地 – luogo di nascita
  • 学位 – denominazione del titolo di studio
  • 学校名称 – nome della scuola/ente (per le universitàin inglese)
  • 证书编号 – numero del certificato del titolo di studio
  • 证书签发日期 – data di rilascio del titolo di studio
IL Programma di Base per l’uso di Computer attraverso l’Insegnamen to e la formazione degli studenti, La capacità di usare il Computer per ottenere la promozione.
IL Programma di LETTURA di un Articolo da Ampliare il vocabolario e la SCRITTURA, attraverso il Dialogo, ecc., e il MoDo di coltivare gli studenti con la capacità di Leggere, scrivere e parlare in inglese.

4. Chinese-Italian Interpretation Service

Although many automated tools or Apps are offering instant interpretation between Chinese and Italian, human interpretation remains an essential service for business negotiation, convention speaking, event communication, and small gathering talking. You may get a wrong machine translation from Italian to Chinese in a restaurant by saying:

Qual è la specialità del giorno? (What’s the special of the day?)

  • Google Interpretation: 今天有什么特别之处?
  • Human interpretation: 今天有什么特别推荐?

In the above translations, Google takes the literal meaning of the answer, in which the phrase “特别之处” makes sense but may trigger ambiguity. In contrast, the phrase in human interpretation, “特别推荐” indicates that the question is about particular recommendations.


As a professional Chinese-Italian interpretation service provider, we are confident that every interpretation project is handled correctly by our native and experienced linguist team. Specializing in dealing with all sorts of variations of Chinese/Italian accents, our interpreters offer the most successful language services at the best prices. Our simultaneous interpretation team can give you perfect translation quality and a one-stop service by offering interpretation booths, earphones, speakers, and emitting devices. When working with us on big interpretation projects, a personal project coordinator is assigned for better management. Please contact us for any language service order.

5. Chinese-Italian Translation Service in China

Are you looking for an Italian translator in China? If so, Jinyu is happy to help you with certified document translation, stamping, on-site interpretation, business negotiation translation, consecutive seminar interpretation, tour guide, medical report translation, and so on. Trusted by thousands of international businesses or individuals, Jinyu’s comprehensive and flexible Italian-Chinese translation services are always available to a wide variety of requests. At the same time, we are well-informed of the local policy or administrative requirement and thus can help you achieve the target document better and quicker by offering the correct translation.


Here, we list a few daily phrases translated from Italian to Chinese, which might be useful for newcomers.

Ciao come ti chiami?
Potresti dirmi come arrivare qui?
Ho bisogno di aiuto.
Sono italiano.
Hai un fidanzato?

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