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Marketing transition helps you engage customers globally. Your brands, product highlights, marketing campaigns are correctly converted to multilingual selling forces from us. We understand that translating business content is different from translating medical or legal documents. Marketing translation requires cultural adaption on Marcom or transcreation on business content. At Jinyu, our creative linguists have helped thousands of multinational corporations, advertising agencies, SMEs to influence their audiences' buying decisions.


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As marketing translators, we cannot merely do a literal translation. All the marketing materials shall be adaptive to the target culture. That is why we learn marketing skills to agree with your content before we translate it. Words, tones, examples, typesetting, statistical data will remain their business nuances in target languages.

What's more, our global marketer team members know the reading flavors and background cultures of different nations. We know the best way to evoke your audiences' emotions and to convey the intended meanings. Every original text will turn into a brand new cultural context that is attractive to anyone in this world.

As a professional translation service provider, we are experienced to manage our translation resources. Human translators, termbase, project managers are well organized for their multipurpose working group. Anyway, you always have the best marketing translation team from us.


  • Independent Research Network
  • All-native Local Translators
  • Unique Marketing Database

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We don't use proofreaders for our marketing translation services. We use audience research instead. Those proofreaders are doing language things throughout their lives, and they are not creative. So we developed a unique social network of audience research. Just like what you do for customer surveys, we send dozens of translations to random local readers. They do the best proofreading job.

And we have the best translators. Each of our linguists is working with proper insight into various cultures as they are local. They not only avoid word-to-word translation but also put the right information creatively for your products. You will soon be pleased with our professional translations abundant of local culture, slangs and idioms.

At the same time, we have collected a database for marketing content elements. Before we translate your marketing material, we find some articles or blogs matching your niche and read it. After we find enough highlights or inspirations from our database, we use them in your content. That is an excellent way to practice our language adaptability also.


  • Over 16 Years of Experience
  • Powerful Cloud-based Resources
  • 1 Year Translation Warranty

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Jinyu's 16 years of experience in translation and customized marketing transcreation help you connect with your global audiences. Our experts are always ready to suggest language details based on their translation experiences and cultural awareness. Your brochures, newsletters, or marketing campaigns will get improved on attractiveness and cultural influences.

Our market translation services are superb because we have professional translators who have extensive language and marketing experiences and our almighty digital resources like termbase and memory database. Each suggestion, error, the option is quickly scanned and functioned automatically for our teamwork.

Meanwhile, we cover a 1-year warranty for all translated documents. If you are not satisfied with our works, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is open to all customers with the best communication manner and superb services.

Best Marketing Content Translator

1. Translation/Interpretation of Business Presentations

When new products or services are about to launch, companies are seeking cultural solutions for their business presentations. Whether needed for translation on document subtitles or interpretation of speech text, all our language solutions are finished by certified linguists for the greatest quality. Contact us ahead of your schedule to get a well-prepared presentation translation service.


Here are some examples or our presentation interpretation services:

I just have to show you when you open the app; this is what you see on the watch face. It's really; it's really beautiful. People, in general, don't like things that are medical. This kind of makes you want to take an ECG.


I know for our pro users, they often want to focus on the center of the screen and not to be distracted by the bright menu and bright dock. So we also introduce a dark mode. Lovers of dark.



2. Translationor of Newsletters

Emails notifications or newsletters are effective ways for your business to let your customers better know your business or promotions. In this new informational era, people get drown in numerous spams or advertisements, so it is essential to offer creative and consistent solutions for your audiences. Newsletters are good ways to communicate directly with every customer or subscriber. That's why the translation of those marketing newsletters becomes increasingly essential.


Here are some of our translation examples of newsletters:

It's crazy how hard it is to find a cart system that just works… and makes it easy to sync with an auto-responder, run affiliates, split test, and all that juicy stuff.


Are you interested in getting natural, authoritative links to your site? In our Marketplace, you can now order unique, optimized guest posts, which we'll research, write, and place on high-quality sites in your niche.

想获得自然而又权威的网站外链吗? 现在,您可以在我们的市场中订购经过优化的,独一无二的访客帖子,我们将对其进行研究,撰写并放置在您的高质量利基产品网站上。


3. Translation of Press releases

Company press releases play an essential role in its effectiveness in communicating with its customers. Good company press releases can increase the company's visibility and credibility and help the company in peer competition. A proper press release is concise, compact, with eye-catching headlines and unique selling points. Translation of press releases requires a series of strategies, including supplementing, restructuring, tone-enhancing, and appropriate expressing.


Here are some selections of our press release translation services for marketing:

XXX Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, and retail, today announced that it had completed its previously announced acquisition of XXX business system.


Designer A presents B: the first in an upcoming series of new XXX watches.



4. Translation of Brochures

A brochure is a publishing content introducing a company's primary business, or highlighted products or services. It is a portable and folded pamphlet communicating brand name, logo, contact, or anything with its audience. A good translation of a brochure makes your business more attractive to global audiences. With more than 16 years of business brochures translation, we are confident that your brand will be promoted significantly from our tailored language solutions.


Here are some examples of our brochures translation:


Numerous new technologies to improve building energy efficiency are applied to construct Changping Garden into a green and energy-saving community.


The adoption of advanced high-frequency welding technology requires strict temperature control during the production process, which makes the welding capillary into full play.


5. Translation of Digital Marketing Content

Digital marketing is everywhere: websites, blog posts, PPC campaigns, email subscriptions, and social media campaigns. All of them are used to help marketers find as much as possible potential customers. Certainly, the Internet has become an excellent place to promote any business, but the language and culture in different areas remain a significant issue. More and more business owners prefer the translation of all those digital marketing content. Jinyu's task is to help them pushing all digital marketing content to the globe in an effective way.


Here are some translation examples of our digital marketing projects:


Nordic Science Park: The Future of Cleantech, ICT, Life Science, and Industrial Design

The support ring protects the seal from extruding into the clearance. This allows a larger clearance, which in turn reduces the risk of metal to metal contact between the cylinder components.



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