Business Contract Translation

A business contract serves as a crucial document in business transactions, delineating the rights, obligations, and stipulations between the seller and the buyer. In international trade and multinational enterprises, business contract translation assumes paramount importance to guarantee that all parties comprehend the contract terms accurately, thereby avoiding misunderstandings and disputes.

The Main Terms of a Business Contract

  • Information of both parties: including the name, address, contact information and other basic information of the buyer and seller.
  • Product information: Describe the name, model, specification, quantity, price and other details of the product.
  • Price clause: involves the unit price, total price, payment method, payment time and other price-related content.
  • Delivery terms: including delivery time, place, method and freight and other logistics-related content.
  • Quality clauses: related to the quality standards of goods, acceptance methods, warranty period and other quality-related content.
  • Confidentiality clause: binding the parties to protect and keep confidential the trade secrets during the performance of the contract.
  • Liability for breach of contract and resolution method: Clarify the division of responsibilities between the parties in case of breach of contract and the way to resolve disputes.

Jinyu Professional Business Contract Translation

We offer a comprehensive professional business contract translation service, utilizing a team of seasoned experts to handle all varieties of business contract translation tasks.

We employ a standardized business contract translation process, ensuring stringent quality control throughout the entire data acquisition and submission process.

We have established a dedicated business contract translation team, responsible for analyzing requirements, standardizing professional vocabulary, and determining the most suitable language style and translation method.

Our business contract translation projects undergo meticulous language and professional technical proofreading, encompassing the initial draft to the final draft. This process involves thorough review from proofreading to final review, down to the subtlest nuances of vocabulary.

We maintain a continuous recruitment strategy to ensure a steady influx of human resources, gathering the best business contract translation professionals and experts.

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The pricing for our translation services is contingent on the following determinants:

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  • The total volume of data to be translated
  • Technical processing complexity
  • Time constraints
  • Layout specifications
  • Ratio of specialized vocabulary
  • The necessity for foreign reviewers and urgency level, etc.

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