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Medical document translation service is one of our specialties. For more than ten years, Jinyu Translation has collaborated with pharmaceutical firms, medical institutions, and medical research centers. We translate clinical trials, medical reports, scientific articles, clinical studies, medical patents, medical printing, regulatory compliances, and healthcare documents, etc. All our results of translation of medical records are returned in time, within the financial budget, and under regulatory compliance.


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Our medical linguists are native speakers in over 60 languages, each having been trained in medicine, biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and clinical studies.

That is why our medical translators know not only language expressions, conversions of sentences, but also medical terms, best practices, industry standards, ethics, and healthcare regulations. We make the best match between your specified task and our language skills when handling medical texts.

We go to medical universities every year to find ventures of shared value. Students can take our individual lessons to speak, write, and translate. And we learn their expert knowledge: microbiology, molecular biology, physiology of humans, kinesiology, ecology, immunology, pathology, and neurology. These academic documents or courses teach us how to create our database of knowledge, concentrate on the key points of content, and find the best raw materials explanations.

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The difficulty of translating medical documents lies substantially in terms and expressions of a particular nature. Translators with no background in medicine can hardly understand paragraphs with copious norms and jargon.

Those names of the disease, methods of diagnosis, techniques of operation, medical devices usually have exact meanings. Mistranslation of these contents may lead to incorrect diagnoses or even disasters of health. Our translation department will share the terms thanks to our language database, which significantly guarantees the quality and clarity of the end documents.

Below are some examples from our Chinese-English medical vocabulary database: “Creatinine Blood Test (肌酐血检)”, “LDL Cholesterol (低密度脂蛋白胆固醇)”, “Thyroid Function Test (甲状腺功能检查)”, “Hepatitis B Vaccine (乙肝疫苗)”, “Rota Virus Vaccine (轮状病毒疫苗)”, “ALT/SGPT (丙氨酸氨基转移酶)”, “Body Composition Analyzer (人体成分分析仪)”, “squamous Cell Carcinoma (鳞状细胞癌)”, “neurodegeneration (神经退行性变)”, “5-fluorouracil (5-氟尿嘧啶)”, “Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement (外科主动脉瓣置换术)”.

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Our teams of translators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with immediate or urgent medical translation needs.

We know your projects can sometimes start fast and be delivered as soon as possible. This task is effortless for our knowledgeable medical language linguists who work around the world. You will still have your emails or phone calls answered within hours. While, owing to our full-time work-shift, proofreading for medical documents continues.

An additional capacity of at least 35 percent may be provided if your medical record requires an expedited return. It is common practice for our transition system to have more workforces, as no matter what pharmaceutical documents or medical transcriptions, a lot of coordination and proofreading attention is consumed. We take immediate action when the deadline is imminent, and the timetable will not be disrupted anyway.

Best Medical Text Translation

1. Translation of Clinical Trials

Hospitals, private testing firms, pharmaceutical companies, or multinational regulatory bodies conduct clinical trials. Our certified medical translation services can help you accurately and promptly get the translated version from any language, such as Chinese, German, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, etc. Jinyu has translated a series of clinical trials from Chinese for 2020 coronavirus outbreak, which is a valuable document for the global medical system.


Clinical trial translation procedures can be divided into five steps: planning for pre-translation, method translation, proofreading, and revision of the translation. Firstly, it identifies and downloads translation tasks distributed by PM. Second, for general understanding and text analysis, the translators are reading source text (the clinical trial). Third, the target is translated by the translators according to client requirements and guidance from the PM. Fourth, self-proofreading and peer-proofreading. Finally, translations submitted from clinical trials are reviewed by the PM with a wealth of medical translation experience.


2. Translation of Medical Records/Patient Records

It is common in a hospital to have international patients' medical records written in alien languages. Accurate and in-time translation of the patient record is essential and must be authorized to a reputable source. Jinyu has experience in recognizing manuscripts from doctors, handling specific medical orders, and translating different diagnostic results. Each year our professional medical translators interpret or translate hundreds of medical documents.


There are two techniques for translating medical records: 1. Doctors often omit the subject for the part of a patient's condition, and the sentence is exceptionally refined. Therefore it is vital to have an overview of the full text for general understanding. Confusion, misunderstanding, the omission of content, or literary meaning must be avoided on the subject. 2. Based on understanding, the translators may break the sentences into different parts. In the meantime, unknown material, subject, predicate, or object shall be added to the sentence without violating the original records' conciseness.


3. Translation of Pharmaceutical Documents

The pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly. Big pharmaceutical factories are expanding the international market and conducting drug research and development overseas. Medicine manufacturers, therefore, rely on high-quality translation services to provide multilingual text for their medical documents. These files are clinical studies, reaches of drug tests, regulatory materials, usage information, and reported outcomes for patients.


Taking the 21 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 210 and 211 as an example, we established three guiding principles for the translation of pharmaceutical documents into English and Chinese. The translators should decide which method to use based on the purpose of the specific translation tasks, in the principle of targeted translation. The translated document shall be readable and acceptable, in accordance with the rule of coherence. Meanwhile, to ensure the accuracy of the pharmaceutical translation, the translated text must be as faithful to the original text as it is to the original.


4. Translation of Clinical Research

Translating clinical research in a literal way is awful. Because analyses or articles contain several medical terminologies that cannot be easily translated, they must be both imaginative and descriptive in translation. Jinyu has developed a series of effective methods for translation as well as a categorized term database for treatment research, prevention research, diagnostic research, screening research, genetic research, and epidemiological studies.


Here are some examples of our clinical research translation into Chinese:

The software module performs the analysis of HFQRS signals using the RMS method described in section 4.4.1


However, it is well known that both the sensitivity and specificity of the standard ECG are limited in these situations.



5. Translation of Medical Patent

To get their intellectual properties protected in different counties is become increasingly essential for biotech companies and life science enterprises. Jinyu’s bilingual medical experts are good at using excellent knowledge and robust technology to translate the pharmaceutical patent issues. We have successfully translated patents for formulations, patents for the manufacture of drugs, patents for medical devices, patents for healthcare information technology patents, patents for surgical methods, and so on.


The medical patent translation shall concentrate on both the lexical and syntactic stages. Such technical words (such as "4-chloro-3-methoxyaniline," "Dexamethasone"), semi-technical words (such as "ondansetron base," "weakly basic drug layer"), and idiomatic terms (such as "embodiment," "characterized in that ...") are the targets for lexical translation. For the syntactic translation of medical patent, attention is paid to long and complex phrases, passive phrases, and long phrases with non-finite verbs.


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