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High Quality

Your document will be translated manually by our linguists. Those files will be processed at least 4 times: preprocessing, translation, proofreading, typesetting by our native experts. 100% of them are Chinese.


We know your needs better. By virtue of our 16 years of language experience from 2004, Jinyu's customers have the highest degree of satisfaction (98.12%) and the lowest error rate (<0.05%) for translation results.

Consistent Style

You will not find any inconsistency thoughout your translated file. Terms, expressions, jargons are well processed. Because of our carefully managed database and translation coordinate system, we gained lots of long term relationships.

On-time Delivery

Your translated document will be sent back to you ASAP. Over 35% of our extra capacity is made by fill-ins. When your requirement comes urgently, we use them quickly and efficiently. The goal is easy: faster and nothing bad.

Advice Respected

You can change us. If the translation content is not exactly what you want, tell our staff before you pay. When you do so, you are perfecting your document and improving our knowledge system (language and service).

Perfect Privacy System

Your content is safe here. We limit both person and time for your files: the Secure Sockets Layer strengthened safety for sending materials via the Internet, and our internal privacy policy reduces readers and life span of the documents too.

Popular Translation Languages

-A small selection of the most common languages we translate

Chinese-English Translation
ZH-EN Translation
Chinese-Spanish Translation
ZH-ES Translation
Chinese-French Translation
ZH-FR Translation
Chinese-German Translation
ZH-DE Translation
Chinese-Arabic Translation
ZH-AR Translation
Chinese-Russian Translation
ZH-RU Translation
Chinese-Portuguese Translation
ZH-PT Translation
Chinese-Italian Translation
ZH-IT Translation
Chinese-Indonesian Translation
ZH-ID Translation
Chinese-Hindi Translation
ZH-HI Translation
Chinese-Bengali Translation
ZH-BN Translation
Chinese-Urdu Translation
ZH-UR Translation
Chinese-Japanese Translation
ZH-JA Translation
Chinese-Turkish Translation
ZH-TR Translation
Chinese-Korean Translation
ZH-KO Translation
Chinese-Vietnamese Translation
ZH-VI Translation
Chinese-Burmese Translation
ZH-MY Translation
Chinese-Thai Translation
ZH-TH Translation

More Highlights of Our Translation Service

What would it be a good idea for you to search for in an language service provider? In the event that you've never employed an translation organization, it may appear to be threatening, or even unsafe. We need to facilitate your concerns. Here are a portion of the gauges we hold to every one of our language administrations:

Easy to Send

Grab anything to send, no bother. Don't have a copy of the origin file? No worry, take a phone picture and send it to us. We will do the rest without effort. You can send it via Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Wechat, anything.

Fast to Get

You cat get your translated content faster, not only because we work promptly, but also because we do it actively. We use phone calls to confirm necessary details with you, as it comes faster. For more significant projects, our extensive expert team will keep you intensely informed on solution history and working progress.


Affordable Price

Your translation service cost here is inexpensive. The average price is 0.06 USD per word. It's always a win-win situation: we earn enough for undeveloped local income level, and you save enough for a significant exchange rate. Please rest assured that our translation quality remains excellent, though.

All-in-1 Solutions

Your translated files must be beautiful. When we do it, we not only convert the words themselves but also renew the layout. Font style, paddings, headers & footers, background, stamps, illustrations are all stayed correctly in the new document. You will get all these at no extra charge.


Overview Supported

Sometimes you don't need to translate 100% of your items. "What is this about in Chinese?" is one of the most common requests we have got. If you are not sure, or just want to know the general meaning of a piece of content, you can have it from us without fully charged.

Free Interpretation

You can get our English-Chinese interpretation service at low cost. If it's simple, we don't charge. The short-time phone interpretation is beneficial for foreign visitors who want to talk with a taxi driver, waiters in restaurant, policeman, or passenger.


Trust before Pay

By default, you pay to us until you get all things at hand. It is risky to send money online too early. So we don't ask our new customers to pay before they receive our translation files. When the issue, usually the translation, is solved and approved, you make the rest payment (typically 70%).

Money under Control

Still worry? No problem, the money you pay will stay at control. As we support multiple payment platforms, including secured ones (like PayPal), you can always apply to cancel the transaction if something unwanted happens.


Qualified Translation

Our Chinese translation services are officially recognized. In order to offer you the best linguistic results, we joined the Translators Association of China and interact with domestic translators positively. Also, the acquired ISO9001 certification guaranteed our language quality.

Good Partnership

Our translation projects are various: business plans, engineering manuals, court judgements, medical reports, legal certificates, literature works, etc. Thus we maintain a good business relationship with companies of multiple industries.


Chinese Language Solutions

-A list of translation and Interpretation services we basically offer