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A Team of Full-service, Knowledgeable Language Professionals for Academic and Business Needs

With 20 years of experience in Chinese language services, our team of more than 30 experts is here to help you with all your translation needs. Whether it is a complicated issue requiring text processing, multimedia translation and typesetting or one that just needs a quick translation and certification, we will help you figure it out at the most affordable cost and the best quality.

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Your document will be translated manually by our linguists. Those files will be processed at least 4 times: preprocessing, translation, proofreading, typesetting by our native experts. 100% of them are Chinese.



We know your needs better. By virtue of our 16 years of language experience from 2004, Jinyu’s customers have the highest degree of satisfaction (98.12%) and the lowest error rate (<0.05%) for translation results.


Consistent Style

You will not find any inconsistency throughout your translated file. Termsexpressionsjargons are well processed. Equipped with database and translation coordinate system, we gained lots of long-term relationships.


On-time Delivery

Your translated document will be sent back to you ASAP. Over 35% of our extra capacity is made by fill-ins. When your requirement comes urgently, we use them quickly and efficiently. The goal is easy: faster and nothing bad.


Advice Respected

You can change us. If the translation content is not exactly what you want, tell our staff before you pay. When you do so, you are perfecting your document and improving our knowledge system (language and service).


Perfect Privacy System

Your content is safe here. We limit both person and time for your files: the Secure Sockets Layer strengthens safety for sending materials online, and our internal privacy policy reduces readers and life span of the documents too.

How can we help you?​

Legal Translation

Translation of air waybills, bill of costs, certificate of occupancies, contracts, demand letters, identures, leases, pleadings, table of authorities, court transcripts, work permits, and so on.

Medical Translation

Translation of medical records, cilinical researches, consent forms, clinical trials, bio-product labels, journal articles, patient questionaires, medical devices instructions, medical presentations, and so on.

Technical Translation

Translation of user guides, product manuals, API documentations, science reports, marketing documentation, product feature documentation, knowledge base, step-by-step demos, and so on.

Financial Translation

Translation of income statements, balance sheets, statement of cash flows, statement of changes in equity, earnings per shares, investing activities, transaction documents, and so on.

Literary Translation

Translation of novels, short stories, poems, plays, actors’ scripts, index cards, lectures, blogs, catalogues, newsletters, speeches, tutorials, white papers, interviews, ETDs, and so on.

Marketing Translation

Translation of business brochures, sales presentations, web content, sales scripts, product data sheets, white papers, business cards, cost comparisons, case studies, event magazines, and so on.

Advertising Translation

Translation of newspapers, magazines, videos, directories, emails, social media ads, outdoor ads, podcast ads, prduct placement ads, event marketing ads, television ads, Guerrilla ads, and so on.

Sworn Translation

Translation of sworn statements, sworn affidavits, affidavit of domicile, affidavit of heirship, affidavit of marriage, affidavit of support, affidavit of citizenship, affidavit of service, and so on.

Certified Translation

Translation of identifications, birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, articles of incorporation, certificate of formation, certificate of authority, articless of dissolution, and so on.

Notarized Translation

Translation of acknowledgments, jurats, oaths, copy certifications, signature witnessing, affirmations, marriages, birth certificates, wills, photographs, handwritten letters, and so on.

Conference Interpretation

Interpretation of annual meetings, seminars, workshops, conventions, press conferences, trade fairs, board meetings, consumer shows, breakout sessions, galas, product launches, and so on.

Consecutive Interpretation

The interpreter listens to the source-language speaker and reproduces the expression in the target language for the listener after a sentence or part of the expression (consecutively).

Simultaneous Interpretation

Translators (often 2 or more) continuously interpret the content to the audience without interrupting the speaker’s speech by using dedicated equipment (simultaneously).

Whispered Interpretation

The interpreter sits or stands behind or in the middle of one or two listeners, and gently translates the speaker’s words to the listeners without using the simultaneous box and headphones.

Sign Language Interpreting

The translator uses sign language (finger language, ASL) and spoken language as communicative means to provide interpretation services between the hearing impaired and the hearing impaired.


Transforming of externally introduced things (marketing strategies, technologies, softwares, websites) to meet specific customer groups and match the cultural background of specific regions.


Translating speech (live or recorded) into a text document, either written or electronic. Transcription service is frequently accommodated for business, legitimate, or clinical purposes.


Perusing of a kitchen verification or an electronic duplicate of a distribution to discover and address creation mistakes of content or art. Proofreading is the last advance in the publication cycle.

Have a long-term project?

For long-term business, education, or research plans, we offer customized language services that fit your purposes well.


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