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Sworn Translation Services are needed if you want a legally certified translation of your original material. For most legal documents, company profiles, diplomas, certificates, or any official documents that will be used for formal purposes, a sworn translation is always a preferred option when a different language version is required. The language of a sworn translation is accurate, complete, and formal. With more than 16 years of sworn translation experience, Jinyu has gained international recognition from immigration centers, universities, courts, and law firms.


Why Choose Us


✓ Working for Local Court
✓ Lifetime Quality Guarantee
✓ TAC Lifelong Member


As Sworn translation is not universally regulated by procedures and standards, different countries have diverse working manners for formal document translation. However, Jinyu has been strongly supported by the local courts for designated official translation and court interpretation.

We provide an unlimited guarantee for our sworn translation services. Just like what we have promised on the court, every page we translate shall be solemnly correct and honest. As such documents have to be translated literally (word-to-word), our sworn translators insist on the faithful principle that no extra content shall be added or removed from the original nuances.

Moreover, Jinyu is a member of TAC (the Translators Association of China), which is an authoritative organization for domestic translation attestation or related affairs. We contribute lots of language resources to this free community every year, which makes us a reputable sworn translation service provider.


✓ Extensive Translation Experience
✓ All Validated Native Linguists
✓ Additional Proofreading


In 2004, Jinyu started to translate and interpret legal materials for the local court. Our linguist team has gained extensive experience in language expertise and document process style since then. By now, Jinyu’s sworn translation customers expanded globally and quickly.

Sworn translators in our team are not only native speakers but also validated by our strict screening. They understand their skills of writing, reading, and understanding in multiple languages as well as the particular requirements of the target text.

For regular translation projects, we proofread twice. But for the Sworn translation task, our proofreaders are working much harder than expected. Sentence structures, grammar, wording, misleading content, and consistency are all factors to be reviewed to ensure accuracy. This usually needs more than five times of proofreading.


✓ Non-disclosure Agreement
✓ Safety Infrastructure & Standard
✓ Customized Confidential Solution


As most of the documents are sensitive or legal, translators who handle the information shall be sworn by oath. Meanwhile, every linguist has signed an internal non-disclosure agreement with our company or for certain sworn translation projects. Confidentiality has been one of their major responsibilities also.

As a professional sworn translator, we are supported by a series of safety infrastructure and relative standards. We have our own information department, which safeguards our company from any Internet attack or document abuse. Meanwhile, our strict safety standard on files, devices, and staff ensures confidentiality further.

Some customers who want to sign an additional agreement on sworn translation or want to get customized safety services are welcome to contact us at any time. Our linguist team is available to work in multiple contexts or regulations.

Best Official Sworn Translator

1. Translation of Legal Judgement

A judgment is a final paper for a case. It contains all the contested issues and states the last situation of the case (punishment, legal actions, law content related or testimonials). The language used in judgment is accurate, concise, plain, and solemn. Sworn translators for legal judgment shall not change the original style and maintain the unique nuance by choosing the right terms and expressions. Any inconsistency of judgment translation will cause unfair judicial proceedings.


Here are some selections from our legal judgment translation:

The involved parties, in accordance with the law, submitted the evidence surrounding the litigation requests (see the attached evidence catalog), and this court organized evidence exchange and cross-examination by the parties.
Other litigation requests of Hong Kong Shanghai X Bank are dismissed.

2. Translation of Birth Certificates

A birth certificate is an officially stamped paper issued by the government or authorized hospital for any newborn. Their forms may vary from country to country, but the major information on it is common: birthdate, weight, nationality, birthplace, and other health conditions. Sometimes, you need to translate your birth certificate to get an overseas diploma or immigration. Translation of birth certificates is relatively easy, but translators have to check the language consistency, expressions, and proper format.


Here are some examples of our birth certificate translation services:

5A 出生地 – 医院名称或场地名称
5D 街道地址-街道及号码或位置
I certify that I have reviewed the stated information and that it is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

3. Translation of Passports

In most countries, a passport is an official document issued by the local government to certify the owner’s identity or citizenship. When you are about to get citizenship or working permission from another country, a translation of your passport is required. Similar to the birth certificate, the language used in the passport is not difficult to translate, but a sworn translator focuses both on word conversion and subtle language differences he or she observed from different passports.


Here are some examples of our passport translation services:

  • Surname – 姓
  • Given Name – 名
  • Nationality – 国籍
  • Date of Birth – 出生日期
  • Place of Birth – 出生地点
  • Date of Issue – 签发日期
  • Date of Expiration – 失效日期
Of the United States, in order to form a perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

4. Translation of Marriage Certificates

A marriage certificate or marriage license is a legal document issued by the government officially stipulating that two people indicated in the document are married. In some cases, a sworn translation of a marriage certificate is needed while people are migrating to another country or are attending some legal procedures. If you have a sworn translation request for a marriage certificate, please feel free to contact us. Our certified language experts will offer you good sworn translation and perfect service.


Here are some selections from our sworn translation for a marriage certificate:

  • 姓名 – Name
  • 性别 – Gender
  • 出生日期 – Date of Birth
  • 国籍 – Nationality
  • 身份证号 – ID Number
  • 配偶信息 – Spouse Information
The marriage application is in conformity with “The Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China” and is qualified to be registered. The certificate is issued to the above-named person.

5. Translation of Criminal Records

A criminal record is a legal document issued by local police about the applicant’s criminal history. It is commonly used for international travel, immigration, study abroad, or overseas working applications. The information and format in a criminal record are different between countries, so sworn translation for a criminal record requires not only language skills but also legal knowledge. Over the years, Jinyu has helped countless students, workers, travelers, or any foreign visitor who wants their criminal record translated past their applications for multiple purposes.


Here are some examples of our non-criminal records translation:

There are no criminal records in police files.
Request for an extract from the criminal records registry pursuant to Section 9, paragraph 2 of the Swedish law (1998:620) on criminal records in order to assert rights in a foreign country or to gain a permit to enter, settle, or work there.

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