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Conference interpretation services are vital for meetings, lectures, training, presentations, or transnational business gatherings. Interpreters are working simultaneously or consecutively to let every audience receives voices in their languages. For a successful conference interpreting, correctly translating the words isn’t everything, as there is a set of factors such as event coordinate, technical support, and translation device shall also be included. Jinyu has been serving language solutions for conferences for a long time, and we are confident that your requests, either for significant events or for small gatherings, are always satisfied.


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  • Carefully Selected Linguists
  • State-of-the-art Equipment
  • ISO & TAC Certified

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Conference interpreters are different: some are specialized at medical interpretation, while some are experienced in translating business negotiations. Based on specific lingual projectsf, our translators are carefully selected by industry experience, project familiarity, language proficiency, and reliability.

We provide advanced listening equipment for every meeting interpretation project to make sure your audiences get the correct translations conveniently. Meanwhile, speakers our interpreters use are of high quality, so conference participants can always have great listening experiences.

Approved by ISO9001:2015, our translation services have been listed as top quality by domestic and international certificate authorities. What’s more, as a member of TAC, Jinyu’s contribution to the language industry has won recognition of lingual authorities and translation peers.


  • Tailored Conference Organizing
  • Experienced On-site Coordinators
  • Best Pairing for Projects

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Organizing a conference is challenging: site layout, guest-hosting, speaking order, and food supply are all things to consider. For the language part (manuscripts, earphones, interpreters’ room, on-site deploying), Jinyu offers bespoke solutions for interpretation related issues.

As conference interpretation is a big project, we assign an on-site manager who is in charge of coordination for every project. The experienced event manager can handle multiple affairs: interpreters arranging, schedule planning, venue disposition, and emergency processing.

Before we arrange linguists for your projects, one of the essential procedures shall be considered: the pairing of correct translators. Typically, two or more interpreters will be assigned for a conference interpretation, so Jinyu is doing the best to select a suitable team which is competent for your meeting.


  • Free Pre-project Evaluation
  • Local Transport Assistance
  • Good After-sales Evaluation

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Because every conference is different, Jinyu has a consultation team who is responsible for understanding every customer’s needs and discussing pre-plans for each conference interpretation project. We evaluate the theme, scale, place, audiences and schedule systematically.

Beyond on-site translation, Jinyu offers off-site translation service also. We know it’s often a problem for some foreign audiences to deal with local transport, so our translation team provides relevant services for daily travel. Contact us for a whole set of translation services.

When the interpretation is finished, our post-event team will follow with questionnaires on satisfaction levels, suggestions, comments, or any advice from our customers. That is why Jinyu has achieved a high customer satisfaction score for our conference interpretation services.

Best Conference Interpreter

1. Interpretation of Presentations

The tasks of presentation interpretations are similar: they all have a designated meeting theme, the number of foreign audiences is known, and the presentation content (at least a brief outline or manuscript) is given in advance. As the conference interpretation party, our schedule is:

  • Interpretation Preparation
  • Interpretation Process
  • Interpretation Case Study & Summary
In the preparation section, our interpretation team analyses the work of the speakers or specialists extensively: their manuscripts, papers they published, and detailed industry knowledge are included. When it comes to the case study, our project managers put video records, keynotes, error log, and overall score into our project archives.


Here are some presentation interpretation highlights from our recent archive:

A rising number of environment-concerning drivers on the road are now opting to own more environmentally-friendly cars. However, automobile transportation is ubiquitous and growing constantly.


We adapt the idea of BPR function slightly such that the travel time is a function of flow F and capital input K.



2. Interpretation of Sales Conferences (Business Negotiation)

Business negotiation is not like a lecture. As we have introduced above, lectures or presentations are rigid in schedule and content, while sales talk can be highly flexible. As an interpreter for sales conferences, instead of literally translates the sentences, he or she must participate in the dialogue or even gives suggestions to improve the mutual understandings. Meanwhile, business interpreters shall pay extra attention to terms, company names, legal provisions or numbers to ensure that no interest loss caused by incorrect translations. What’s more, translators are responsible for resolving misunderstandings or conflicts based on their knowledge of the cultural background.


Here are some moments of our business interpretation:

Another thing must be clear: any dispute of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to the contract or its construction or fulfilment may be referred or arbitration?


How long should be the L/C validity?



The L/C should be valid for 21 days after the shipment date.

OK. I will have the L/C opened by fax as soon as I get home early next week. I hope you will deliver the goods immediately after you get my L/C.



3. Interpretation of Political/Diplomatic Announcements

Languages used in political or diplomatic announcements are accurate, ensitive, and sometimes ambiguous. Speakers are those politicians who are representatives of a country and make statements based on the country’s policy, standpoint or principles rather than personal opinions. Interpretation of political speeches shall be precise, neutral and with a solemn tone. As there are communication barriers between speakers and foreign audiences, interpreters always make essential conversions based on their cultural insights and language specialties to handle ambiguity.


Here are some examples of our political conversation interpretation services:


We want to pay tribute to those Chinese medical staff and give them the thumbs-up.


We believe that to uproot terrorism, and we must remove its breeding ground.


We firmly upheld China’s sovereignty, security and development interests. We strengthened our exchanges and corporation with other countries in the world, pushed forward reform of the global governance structure, and took solid steps to carry out public diplomacy. We fostered a favourable international environment for China’s reform, development and stability, and made a new contribution to world peace and development.


4. Chinese Conference Interpretation

Interpretation of Chinese isn’t as easy as you imagined. The sentence structures and semantic manifestations between European languages and Chinese are drastically different. For a conference interpreter who has to memorize paragraphs of speeches and finish the language conversion in seconds, the task comes more difficult. Nevertheless, our trained linguists have devoted themselves to absorbing knowledge from Chinese culture, industry information, note stenography, and proper expressions. Hundreds of international organizations or individuals accredit Jinyu’s experienced Chinese interpreters.


Here are some excerptions from our Chinese interpretation projects:

Financial inclusion remains a significant development challenge for the country, for example, rural, micro and small business borrowers mostly borrow at their personal risk as they are typically not incorporated.


I am very happy to talk to you about how the city of Toronto endeavours to turn itself into a green city in the process of economic integration with its surrounding cities。



5. Interpretation Devices

Sometimes, conference interpretations are performed in a simultaneous manner. A set of devices is essential for any occasions of simultaneous interpretation: Central controller, infrared emitter, translator speakers, translator room, earphones, and so on. Interpretation devices and equipment are deployed and debugged ahead of the conference schedule. Our event manager goes to the meeting hall, which varies from case to case, to install the infrared emitter and translators’ room. Sound quality test is also one of the schedules for the pre-translation section.


During the conference interpretation, we work closely with the meeting host party to ensure seamless and effective communication. From the time your audiences get the interpretation device to the end of the meeting, Jinyu is applying various approaches to ensure every conferee get the best listening experience. With the state-of-the-art facilities, Jinyu’s top priority is making your meetings, conferences, seminars or symposiums running smoothly and successfully. Contact us now for a conference interpretation service for any subject!

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