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Turkey and China are significant cultural and business partners in transportation, electricity, telecommunication, and metallurgy industries. Translation from Chinese to Turkish or from Turkish from Chinese is becoming an increasingly vital service for mutual communication. As a leading Chinese-Turkish translation company, Jinyu has helped hundreds of companies and individuals to overcome the language barriers for translation of business contracts, technical guidance books, information manuals, and constructional handbooks. Our professional native linguists and on-site interpreters are experts in both language skills and industry understandings. Please contact us now for a one-stop language solution.


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Established in 2004, Jinyu has translation & interpretation services that have been approved by local government (court, procuratorate, and police). Meanwhile, our ISO9001:2015 certification and translation association membership, get us into the leadership position in Chinese-Turkish translation.

We only work with native linguists whose mother tongues are Chinese or Turkish. We know that only in-country translators can have a better understanding of accurate expressions, jargon, and background culture. In general, native speakers have a good conversion without losing of original nuances.

To ensure the best translation quality, our language team adopts a series of translation standards. For every document translation project, our team has a streamlined workflow, which includes project preparation, translation, finishing, and proofreading, with each step handled by skilled PMs or senior proofreaders.

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Since Jinyu has been worked for more than 15 years, we have a resourceful linguist crew that can deal with abruptly increased demand or tight deadlines by offering additional capacity. The translation flexibility we are providing ranges from 50% to 200%.

Another reason for our quick translation turnaround ability is our smart proofreading technology. With the help of advanced QA tools and automated memory database & termbase, our translation works are getting revised or proofread rapidly and accurately.

You can send any type of document to us without hesitation, as we can get them from multiple channels (email, chat, and online services) process all formats (text, sheets, ppt, pdf, images, and raw formats). Our 7/24 services are always online to help you.

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  • Memory Base Archiving
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  • Expandable Services

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For long-term projects such as company information translation or software localization, we build separate memory databases to ensure translation consistency over time. Another benefit from our document archiving plan is customers can get a free change on archived translation content.

We offer Chinese-Turkish document translation services at a considerable discount for our new customers. As we understand, more than 50% of users come to us with a single translation requirement and never come back again. The discount plan is beneficial for them. Please contact us for more details.

Our language services are scalable from translation only to full TEP (translation, evaluation, proofreading) based on your choice. Your costs for our language solutions are changing according to service package selection, which saves your money significantly from unnecessary language procedures.

Jinyu's Chinese-Turkish Translation Insights

1. Differences between Turkish and Chinese

It is a challenge to translate from Turkish to Chinese or vice versa, as there are so many differences between these two languages. Here we have selected some of the most prominent points where they are distinct to each other:
  • Alphabets and characters. Although Turkey and China are all located in Asia, the written systems are not the same. Turkish uses alphabet-based words like English, while the Chinese language applies symbol-based characters.
  • Sentence structure. In a Chinese sentence, the words are ordered as "Subject Verb Object", which is the same as that of English. However, the word order in a Turkish sentence is "Subject Object Verb", of which the verb of a sentence is always located in the rear. For example:
    ZH: "我喜欢看书。"
    TR: "Okumayı severim."
    EN: "I love to read."
    The word "severim" is placed after the omitted subject and the object.


  • Grammatical cases and numbers. Like Japanese, Turkish changes the cases and numbers of its nouns in different situations, as in the agglutinating family. However, the form of Chinese nouns remains the same whenever used as there are no cases or numbers.
  • Tenses and negative forms. Verbs in Turkish change their forms in multiple tenses or negative forms, but Chinese do not. Here is an example:
    CN: "我喜欢这个书包 (I like this schoolbag)."
    TR: "Bu okul çantasını beğendim."
    CN: "我不喜欢这个书包 (I do not like this schoolbag)."
    TR: "Bu okul çantasını sevmedim."
    The verb indicating "like" changes in Turkey but keeps unchanged in Chinese. This characteristic is a big issue that needs to be considered when doing Chinese-Turkish translation.

2. Chinese-Turkish Document Human Translation

For many of the document translation projects from Chinese to Turkish or Turkish to Chinese, online translation apps such as Google Translate are enough to help you catch the main idea or even a good representation. However, automated document translation is not accurate or looks strange sometimes. And you may want to have a professional Chinese/Turkish version of your marketing material, technical report, researching paper, or business-engaging content. Therefore, a native human translation is essential to get you the best language experience by providing proper words, idioms, expressions, cultural jargon, etc.


Our native language team is made up of in-country Chinese or Turkish speakers who are skillful at both linguistic strategies and industry knowledge. Experienced in document translation of legal, financial, technical, medical, and business documents, Jinyu is resourceful to handle all types of translation projects. Simultaneously, our smart translation database of massive corpus data is capable of storing and suggesting the best match for complicated tasks. So far, we have hundreds of partners coorperating on various Chinese-Turkish document translation projects, and all of them are trusting us and relying on our native language team. Please contact us for an expert lingual service.

3. Chinese-Turkish Translation Examples

Here are some examples of our recent Chinese to Turkish translation projects:


Yanmanın bir zaman sürecinden geçmesi gerekir ve yanma ısısı salınım hızı da her zaman değişmektedir. Motor yanma süreci parametrelerinin en iyi eşleşmesini gerçekleştirmek, motorun termal verimliliğini artırmanın anahtarıdır.


Giriş süreci sadece bu çevrimin taze şarjını belirlemekle kalmaz, aynı zamanda girişin başlangıç koşulları (basınç, sıcaklık, gaz bileşimi, hava-yakıt oranı vb.) Aynı zamanda bu çevrimin yanma iş sürecini de doğrudan belirler.



MQTT protokolüne dayalı dokuma tezgahı bilgi sistemi temel olarak dört bölümden oluşur: dokuma tezgahı akıllı veri terminali olan alt katman, endüstriyel kablosuz ağa dayalı ekipman ağı ve eMQTT proxy sunucusu ve Web hizmeti olan çekirdek Phoenix çerçevesine dayalı.

MQTT有三种消息发布服务质量:至多一次(QoS0), 至少一次(QoS1), 只有一次(QoS2)。

MQTT'nin üç tür mesaj dağıtım hizmeti kalitesi vardır: en çok bir (QoS 0), en az bir kez (QoS 1) ve yalnızca bir kez (QoS2).


4. Chinese-Turkish Interpretation Services

We offer Interpretation services for Chinese-Turkish language pair also. As the commercial communication among companies or individuals of China and Turkish, such as "the Belt and Road" project, is increasing, more and more on-site interpretation requirements emerge. Over the years, we have helped so many entrepreneurs or researchers to expand their overseas market or perform their analysis by offering high-quality interpretation services. Our consecutive and simultaneous interpretation teams are busy with events, industry conferences, press releases, gatherings, or business talk. For an integrated solution of your Chinese-Turkish interpretation, please email us now.


Here is a list of our recent interpretation projects:
  • Interpretation of UNICERA Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair
  • Interpretation of Marble Izmir Fair 2020
  • Interpretation of Electrical Trade Show Istanbul
  • Interpretation of ISTANBUL HARDWARE FAIR 2020
  • Interpretation of China International Import Expo
  • Interpretation of Automobile Importing Business Event
  • Interpretation of Mining Contract Discussing
  • Interpretation of China Textile Trade Fair

5. Chinese-Turkish Translation Services in China

For customers seeking a local Turkish translation service in China, we are well-prepared with our certified language masters and experienced office team. Our strict translation quality standards for linguists weeding-out, document proofreading, memory database screening, format/layout reconstructing always make us one of the first-rate local language service providers. The high-quality translation or localization of certified materials, legal contracts, emails, software, textbooks, and technical manuals has been approved by many renowned businesses at home and abroad. Please contact us for a free quotation.


Common Chinese-Turkish translation services we are offering in China are:
  • Translation of Import & Export Documents
  • Translation of Business Contract
  • Translation of Products Parameters
  • Translation of Certificates or Licenses
  • Translation of Political Documents
  • Translation of Event/Media Descriptions
  • Localization of Official Website or Apps
  • Localization of Marketing Materials

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