As globalization accelerates and market trade and capital flow scales expand in various countries, the financial services industry presents novel opportunities for service diversification and globalization. Engaging in international commerce requires communication with partners, customers, suppliers, and investors from different nations. To guarantee all parties’ accurate comprehension of financial information, company financial documents typically require translation into the relevant language. JinYu Translation offers multilingual translation and localization solutions that assist financial institutions in overcoming international challenges and achieving success.

Professional Corpotrate Financial Translation Services by JinYu

JinYu Translation has recruited numerous financial experts to provide the most reliable translation services for banking, investment, and insurance industries.
Financial language and concepts often vary from country to country. Therefore, financial translators with relevant background knowledge are required to complete financial translations. Our financial translators are familiar with financial guidelines that certain countries may enact regarding formats, numbering, and terminology. Our expert-level translators have undergone relevant training to identify these differences and assist you in using the correct terms in your translated documents.
We can quickly assemble a financial translation team to support large projects that require fast delivery. Our project managers have received financial training and extensive experience in project planning and quality control.
We can handle various electronic file formats and provide publishable documents when needed.

Types of Corporate Financial Translation Documents

  • Financial Statements Translation
  • Audit Reports Translation
  • Accounting Manuals Translation
  • Tax Reports Translation
  • Prospectus Translation
  • Business Consulting Materials Translation
  • Financial Contracts Translation
  • Balance Sheets Translation
  • Income Statements Translation
  • Annual Reports Translation
  • SEC Filings Translation
  • Shareholders Briefs Translation
  • Key Investor Information Translation

Why Choose Us

All Expert

✓ Trained to be Medical Linguists
✓ Academic Resource Empowered
✓ Teamwork around the Globe

Accurate Terms

✓ Over 500,000 Term Records
✓ Cloud-based Data Center
✓ Non-stop Proofreading

Fast Response

✓ 24/7 Around the Clock
✓ Quick Turnaround
✓ Flexible Capacity


✓ Comprehensive Quality Management
✓ Confidentiality System
✓ ISO 9001 Certification

Translation Quotation

The pricing for our translation services is contingent on the following determinants:

  • Professional complexity and data intricacy
  • Source language
  • Target language
  • The total volume of data to be translated
  • Technical processing complexity
  • Time constraints
  • Layout specifications
  • Ratio of specialized vocabulary
  • The necessity for foreign reviewers and urgency level, etc.

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