There are flexible plans for interpretation service. Whether you are finding products, doing business negotiation, or are travelling only, we are always your best local guide.


$0 / 10min

  • Emergency call
  • Location help
  • Gmail login help
  • Travel tips
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Pro hot

$120 / d

  • Airport/checkpoint pickup
  • Hotel arrangement/check-in
  • On-site escorting (business/travel)
  • Travel guide within/beyond city
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$150 / d

  • Commercial Material pre-process
  • Accommodation reservation
  • Extra meet-up time
  • Accurate & prompt Interpretation
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Documents, papers, certificates, emails, manuscripts, business plans, notaries, marketing writings, all available.


$0 / 50words

  • Location notes
  • Medical notes
  • Restaurant notes
  • Free stamp
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Standard hot

$40 / 1,000words

  • Professional translation
  • 5+ times strict examination
  • Officially approved Sealing
  • Delicate format composing
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$50 / 1,000words

  • 20% - 40% extra speed
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • 5 year data archiving
  • Customized local marketing tips
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Common questions:

1. Why the price more expensive than others?

Jinyu offers unique services as our distinct insight into Chinese market as well as rich experience in translation. Meanwhile, we use our revenue to serve our free users, which consists of the fundamental part of Jinyu's customer resources.

That is to say, when you pay to us, you are contributing to that eco-system.

2. Can I pay online? Shall I give deposit?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal or related tools, but we have problems of getting enterprise account for those international platforms, thus we prefer cash paying. Don't worry, as we do not charge any deposit before the service begins, and you would get lawful invoice for it.

3. Can you help me to find a good hotel / Muslem food / nice supplier / funny place?

Yes, sure. That's exactly what Jinyu is good at. During the past 20 years, we have helped so many foreigners in searching of all sorts of things: products, business partners, particular resorts, novel foods, medical experience and so on. Therefore, we know much about how to get those things for you.

4. I have finished the translation by myself, can you give just stamping service?

Yes, it not only free, but also credible for applying government documents. We know there are a lot of you stuck here, holding a pile of notary papers, certificates, diplomas. The regulations here is strange, but we have to get it over and keep things going. Please feel free to contact us whether you need notary translation or just a stamp.