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A consecutive interpreter is a person who works closely with one or more speakers and translates their words into another language at regular intervals. In this manner, the speaker pauses at the end of sentences or paragraphs to let his or her interpreter render the original speaking into foreign languages. Additionally, the interpreter has to memorize what the speaker just said using shorthand skills to comprehend and reproduce the unique nuances. Jinyu’s consecutive interpretation services in Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Vietnamese, and so on are professional for business ethics and language experiences.


Por qué elegirnos


✓ Vetted Native Interpreters
✓ Over 16 Years of Experience
✓ Perfect Privacy Policy


We only work with the best consecutive interpreters. Every team member has been carefully recruited for a specific skill, cultural knowledge, interpersonal ability, and language expertise. Our interpreters for specific consecutive translation projects are all native speakers.

Jinyu has been working on interpreting subjects on all occasions (business meetings, press conferences, court depositions, etc.) for more than 16 years. Our trained translators know how to make better interpretation notes and express the target language in a more efficient way.

Jinyu knows that some of your business plans, political schedules, or industry information may stay confidential among limited dialogue participants. Therefore, any information disclosed to our interpreters is regarded as secret, and we are glad to sign a non-disclosure agreement with any customer.


✓ OK for Hours of Work
✓ OK for Phone Interpreting
✓ OK for Long-Term Partner


As consecutive interpretation is often made in small settings like conversations or gatherings, the talk may not last long, like a formal meeting. Jinyu understands that and offers our interpretation services based on the hours of the working unit. You don’t need to pay the money for one day service and get 1 or 2 hours only.

Meanwhile, we offer consecutive interpretation services over the phone, which are performed without extra equipment or special requirements. Phone interpretation is a very useful approach to communicating because of a quick arrangement and availability anywhere.

Jinyu is open to long-term cooperation also. So far, we have established a partnership on language projects with companies and individuals from the medical, educational, electronics, and food industries. This relationship facilitates event arrangement, material archiving, and price negotiation.


✓ Free of Equipment Charge
✓ Public Welfare Discount
✓ Free of Extra Charge


As consecutive interpretation is suitable for one-to-one meetings or small groups, no special interpretation equipment is usually needed. This can save a large sum of money for you compared to a simultaneous interpretation project.

For public welfare projects, like coronavirus meetings, food organization activities, charity speeches, and so on, we can offer consecutive interpretation services at a great discount. Meanwhile, Jinyu contributes a part of the annual income of translation and interpretation to the local public welfare system.

When we receive your phone call or email for interpretation requests, you will get our quotation within 30 minutes based on the subject of language projects and relevant operation costs. There is one thing for sure: we only quote once, and there are no extra fees or hidden charges.

Best Consecutive Interpreter

1. Consecutive Interpretation of Business meetings

Business meetings between parties from different countries or cultures require one or more consecutive interpreters. When taking part in such business gatherings, the translator performs not only language conversion but also communication facilitation. In a small-scale business, talking is sometimes made in an enthusiastic or casual atmosphere. The consecutive interpreter has to be flexible to handle the conversational issues. For the language part, our language team has summarized three useful principles for business meeting interpretation: Purpose-aimed, coherence-targeted, and faithfulness-oriented.


Here are some examples of our business meetings interpretations:

Please be assured, because we were once the supplier of XX and XX, which are well-known Chinese projects. And only high-standard companies which can pass through very strict measures can be entitled to be the supplier.
If that is the case, there is hardly any need for further discussions, and we might as well call the whole off.
I believe you ordered from an outdated catalog and price list. Please allow me to show you the new price list.

2. Consecutive Interpretation of Press Conferences

A press conference is often held by the government or a social organization to release policies or organizational information. It is formal and involves multiple parties. A consecutive interpreter is usually provided for press conferences as there might be foreign journalists attending. Translation of what politicians say is difficult, as the pause time for interpreters is short, and they have to make the translation accurate and smooth. Jinyu provides a set of press conference interpretation services for Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, etc.


Here are some of our consecutive interpretations examples for the press conference:

With regulatory streamlining and further tax and fee cuts, we are making adjustments to government functions. This is like moving the government’s own cheese.
People on the two sides of the Taiwan Straits are brothers and sisters. Blood is thicker than water. No matter how the situation in Taiwan may evolve, it cannot sever the fraternal bond between the two sides or change the history or the reality that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to one and the same China. Nor will it weaken our resolve and sincerity for the peaceful growth of cross-Straits relations.

3. Consecutive Interpretation of Court Depositions

There is always a consecutive interpreter in the court or a legal procedure when one of the parties (plaintiff, defendant, witness, or working staff) comes from a foreign country. In the court proceedings, the consecutive translator sits beside the lawyer, listening to what judges or prosecutors say and taking notes. He or she renders what they say when the utterance pauses. In return, the translator also memorizes what the plaintiff or defendant says and interprets it to the other parties. No interpreting equipment is needed for court deposition translation.


Below are some of our court deposition interpretation examples from Chinese to Vietnamese:

Do bị nghi can phạm tội trốn vượt quốc (biên)giới, qua sự phê duyệt của Viện kiểm sát nhân dân quận La Hồ TP. Thâm Quyến, đã bị bắt giữ vào ngày 4 tháng 4 năm 2019.
Nay theo quy định tại khoản 1 điều 176 “Luật tố tụng hình sự Nước Cộng hoà Nhân dân Trung Hoa”, đề xuất công tố, đề nghị xét xử theo pháp luật.

4. Consecutive Interpretation Over Phone

An interpretation service over the phone is convenient and cost-effective for you. It is often performed for brief business discussions, casual dialogue, and emergency scenarios. It usually doesn’t require extra time and place to prepare and therefore becomes more and more popular among our customers. In Jinyu, we have prepared diversified phone interpretations: you can reach us immediately by calling us directly or sending email/Skype/WeChat messages to book a translation service. Our professional linguists are available on 7/24 to help you remotely in most languages.


Here are the top 10 occasions we collected on consecutive interpretation for Chinese-English on the phone:

  • Business Negotiation
  • Hospital Dialogue with Doctor
  • Shopping Talk to Seller
  • Taxi Driver Information Notice
  • Train Ticket Buying
  • Asking for directions
  • Dispute with Strangers
  • Police Investigation
  • Ordering in a Restaurant
  • Room/House Leasing Talk

5. Chinese Consecutive Interpretation Services

Chinese consecutive interpretation service is one of our specialties. With a native team of more than 100 professional Chinese speakers, our interpretation services cover most of the target languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese, etc. Our experienced translators have successfully interpreted consecutively for meetings, classes, training events, interviews, and bilingual conversations. As Chinese is a different and hard language compared to European languages, Chinese interpretations have to be done by native professionals like us.


Here are some archived items for our Chinese interpretation services:

Por gue hoy todas las tiendas estan cerradas si no es el fin de semana?
It is also very important to prevent the typical layers that might plague big cities so that we won’t have a situation where skyscrapers coexist with shanty towns.
Иглоукалывание усиливает сопротивление организма против болезни и сохраняет его нормальные функции. Иглоукалывание способствует уменьшению боли, обезболивание, медодами иглоукалывания. Иглоукалывание помогает больным, которые разбиты параличом много лет, снова нормально двигаться.

More Consecutive Interpreting Services

  • Audits Interpretation
  • Training Interpretation
  • Presentations Interpretation
  • Lectures Interpretation
  • Market Surveys Interpretation
  • Due Diligence and Data Room activities Interpretation
  • Medical and Healthcare Interpretation
  • Press and Personal Interviews Interpretation
  • Multilingual Staff Evaluations Interpretation
  • Meetings Between Attorneys and Clients Interpretation
  • Tours and Travels Interpretation
  • Contract Negotiations Interpretation
  • Immigration Proceedings Interpretation
  • Site Visits Interpretation
  • Parent-teacher Meetings Interpretation
  • HR Meetings Interpretation
  • Teleconferences Interpretation
  • One-on-one Exchanges Interpretation
  • Visiting Delegations Interpretation

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