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Translating from Chinese to Portuguese or from Portuguese to Chinese becomes an in-demand service since the economic and cultural connections between China and Brazil/Portugal are getting increasingly closer than ever. Over recent years, Jinyu’s language experts have helped numerous companies or individuals expand their overseas market, broaden their research horizon, and facilitate their document procedures. Our accurate and professional Chinese-Portuguese translation & interpretation services cover legal, medical, business, technology, agriculture, science, manufacturing, and retail industries. Contact us now for a free quote.


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Expert Team

✓ Hablante de la lengua local
✓ Strict Quality Control
✓ Robust Knowledge Base


Both Chinese and Portuguese are hard to learn. So, we only use native speakers as our translators to ensure the best translation quality. We understand that only those who know well about the language’s essence and background culture can handle complicated translation projects.

In addition to a good recruitment policy, we apply a rigorous quality control process throughout our translation cases. In general, translation evaluation and proofreading are performed by our professional project managers and proofreaders to avoid mistakes and improve translation quality.

The world of knowledge evolves fast. Even the language itself changes quickly, so we have to keep a close eye on the new grammar rules, expressions, and jargon, and we have established our online knowledge base to share the best language resources with our team.

Good Services

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Once we start communication, our manager will keep you connected and supported by offering detailed translation quotations, in-depth project analysis, and possible additional language services. With the help of our one-to-one manager, your schedule can be better controlled and secured.

The translation is a tough job. However, in Jinyu, our effective translation management makes everything easier and quicker. On average, our Chinese-Portuguese translation turnaround speed is 1.5 times of other competitors. For projects with tight deadlines, our flexible team can make it faster.

Our translation services do not end up with document delivery. For every piece of pages we translate, a year’s warranty is valid. As long as you are unsatisfied with our translation, you can come back to us anytime for a free modification.

Low Cost

✓ Descuento para nuevos clientes
✓ Cloud-Based Translation
✓ Long-term Partnership


If you are a new customer, you can get our professional Chinese-Portuguese translation services at a good discount. At the same time, commissions are available for any recommendation to potential customers of our translation services.

There is another fact for our competitive language translation price: we use cloud-based translation servers to help you save money. That said, for 100% matched content from our language memory database (such as terms, regulations, and references), you will not be charged.

We are glad to help you with our Portuguese-Chinese translation services as a long-term partner. When the partnership is established, you or your company will benefit from a discount translation rate and consistent document/publishing styles.

Jinyu’s Chinese-Portuguese Translation Insights

1. Chinese-Portuguese Translation Strategies

Jinyu has gained a series of working experiences from Chinese-Portuguese translation projects. Due to significant differences between Chinese and Portuguese, merely translating the document word-to-word may not work. Here are some useful strategies:

  • Breaking of a long sentence. For those long sentences that appear in Chinese or Portuguese documents, it’s better to split them into several sentences to improve the reading experience. When doing so, keep in mind that the broken sentences shall comply with the language habits of target audiences.
  • Changing of sentence order. Sentence order or word order is quite essential in Chinese, as there are no changing forms of words. While making Chinese sentences, people use word order or helper words to convey the concepts of tense or tones. That is why translators have to adjust the sequences of sentence components when dealing with the conversion from Portuguese to Chinese.
  • Adding of missing parts. There are many missing or omitted parts in a Chinese or Portuguese sentence. The reason for this situation varies: some are left out of the context, some are omitted for conciseness, and some are abbreviated as they are common senses. However, the translated or localized sentence may require supplementary information as the target audience does not share the same reading condition as a native speaker.
  • Using metaphor. Some figures of speeches, such as metaphors, are useful for Chinese-Portuguese translation. For example, in technical manual translation, there are always some descriptions using unintelligible jargon or terms, and it is hard to find correspondent translations. In that case, translators can use metaphor to represent the meaning without losing any nuance.

2. Chinese-Portuguese Translation Examples

Here are some Chinese-Portuguese translation examples from our daily working projects:

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Durante o período de serviço de manutenção do site, a Parte B deve garantir o funcionamento normal do site da Parte A. Se o site não puder ser operado por motivo de força maior, a Parte B informará a Parte A por escrito no prazo de 2 dias após o incidente.

3. Portuguese to Chinese, Google Translate or Human Translate?

When searching “Portuguese to Chinese translation” online, most of the displayed results are directed to automated platforms like Google Translate rather than human translation service providers. So, is Google Translate more reliable than human linguists on Portuguese-Chinese translation? Our answer is it depends. In many situations where the document is not essential, such as everyday dialogue record, legal provisions, or standard terms and conditions, free translation tools like Google Translate is enough to let you know the meaning in your language. However, for professional or essential content, such as technical manuals, medical records, and business contracts, it is recommended to ask for help from human translation companies like Jinyu.


Let’s see an example:

  • Origin Sentence: uando lhe noto os olhos abertos e as mãos fechadas, já sei que aquilo anda mal.
  • Google Translate: 当我发现他的眼睛睁开并且他的手闭合时,我已经知道这是错误的。
  • Human Translate: 当看到他瞪大双眼,握紧双拳,我就知道进展得不顺利。

The Google Translate result in the above makes sense from the perspective of sentence meaning. However, the local Chinese will never say this. That is to say, Google is not entirely familiar with the expression habit, which requires an intensive understanding of background culture. The human translation result above answers natively and fluently, which is preferred anyway. Therefore, if you want to get an accurate and perfect document for your international market expansion or research, human translation is always the best choice.


4. Portuguese-Chinese Interpretation Services

We offer interpretation services from Chinese to Portuguese or vice versa. As a professional translation agency, our interpreters are experts in providing language help for business talks, convention interpreting, exhibition translation, and so on. All of them know well about the pronunciation and spelling differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. At the same time, our native Chinese interpreters are good at distinguishing major Chinese dialects (Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Hakka, and Bannam) and thus are competent to handle every Chinese-Portuguese interpretation project well.


Here are some of our recent interpretation projects:

  • Interpretation for Feira Internacional de Lisboa
  • Interpretation for CHINA (BRAZIL) TRADE FAIR
  • Interpretation for China Homelife & Machinex Fair Brazil
  • Interpretation for Business Negotiation in Yiwu
  • Interpretation for China International Import Expo
  • Interpretation for BRICS Symposium
  • Interpretation for Medical Convention in Shenzhen

5. Chinese-Portuguese Translation Services in China

Are you looking for a Portuguese translation company in China? With more than 15 years of language experience in Chinese-Portuguese translation, interpretation, and localization, Jinyu’s linguists are offering professional and price-competitive lingual services in China. We provide certified document translation, interpretation over the phone, face-to-face consecutive interpretation, Portuguese tour guide, and event simultaneous interpretation in any city in China. Thanks to experienced translation management and a powerful computer-aided system, our translator team can offer help for any local language requests. Contact us now for a perfect Portuguese-Chinese translation project.


Following is a list of our local translation services:

  • Traducción del certificado de nacimiento
  • Criminal Report Translation
  • Driving License Translation
  • Traducción de contratos comerciales
  • Thesis Translation
  • Medical Report Translation
  • Website & Media Localization
  • Interpretación de conferencias
  • Technical Manual Translation

More of Our Chinese-Portuguese Translation Services

  • Chinese-Portuguese Legal Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Medical Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Technical Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Financial Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Literary Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Marketing Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Advertising Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Sworn Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Certified Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Notarized Translation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Conference Interpretation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Consecutive Interpretation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Whispered Interpretation
  • Chinese-Portuguese Localization
  • Chinese-Portuguese Transcription
  • Chinese-Portuguese Proofreading

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