We never get you travelling, but only bringing you with beautiful memories.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." –Augustine of Hippo

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When travelling, we are reading a different world. For some people, travel is just going around places. They do not have time or opportunity to carefully experience the scene, the people there, or the culture behind it. If you come to China for a journey alone, there is a great chance that you may get stranded among crowed people, or confused by local residents. To solve this problem, it's better to have an interpreter who helps not only in communication but also in handling such affairs.

As a travel guide, we know well about the places. Many of the resorts here have time-honoured history, so an introduction of their past stories becomes essential. To ensure the safety and increase the enjoyability, we have to be in good knowledge of traffic condition, local weather, landform, food, security condition and recreational mode also. What's more, as China is a country with enormous population, it's very easy to be lost in the crowd of domestic travellers. Therefore, tourists have to make proper plans to avoid peak season or public holidays.

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With more than 15 years' experience in guiding foreign travellers all around China, Jinyu has been an expert on these tasks. Customers can always benefit from our good knowledge about travelling places.

We know well about people here. As Asians are totally different from Americans or Europeans, The way they thinking, the mode they discover the world are somehow peculiar to foreigners. Not knowing them well will cause confusion or even communication error. Specifically, Chinese people, especially those from rural areas, are shy to public and are implicit when expressing themselves. Meanwhile, some of them are indifferent to others while having a strong self-esteem. So it is normal to see somebody giggles at you without saying any word (for shyness, or avoiding to reply), or a group of people stare at you in a sneaky manner (willing to spy on others).

travel guide Chinese - people

If it is your first time coming here to travel alone, just be well prepared for handling those completely new surroundings. Luckily, Jinyu is specialized at dealing with personal things.

Jinyu is insightful about Chinese culture also. As a result of long history and vast territory, China has been a unique country for culture experience: food, architecture, religion, craft, everything is particular. Some cities are special for spicy or diversified food, some regions are famous for typical buildings, and some areas are remarkable for certain craft arts. We have to be skillful in finding those cultural sites among those emerging modernized cities.

travel guide Chinese - culture

During our travel, you will get to the right place, eat good food, and experience excellent culture.