Translating with thinking, we are smarter.

As a Language Service Provider, Jinyu is always thinking about the usage for those documents we translate. The translation materials vary from time to time: sometimes we do notaries for those who want to apply jobs in China, while sometimes we do business plans for people who are willing to establish business here. As a translator, the most important thing is indisputably to be loyal to the original text. However, it's also a problem to misuse wrong words for unwanted occasions, as in every culture, there are dozens of synonyms referring to similar meaning have different or even contradictory usages. So how to get the exact expressions and explicit sentences when translating becomes one of our crucial aims.

usage of translation

Fortunately, when the usage is clear to us, things can be done better. For example, in translation of a contract, we adopt unambiguous, uncomplicated and neutral words to further express its natural characteristics: briefness, preciseness and objectiveness. Normally, the original contract does not have any problem in conveying the above properties, but there is a good chance that the translation script contains excessive vocabularies like "may", "about", "around", "wish" and so on. In order to avoid this, translators have to examine those properties before start.

When it's come to sponsored materials or advertisements, we then need to attach marketing-oriented words to the profitable content. Sometimes it's easy, because the original content is persuasive enough to attract investment or win the opportunity, such as a business plan. But sometimes it's hard to find a proper word which is based on the original text and be attractive for purchasing at the same time. Owing to our enormous translation database, this job will not be a big problem for us.

We are thinking about the time also. In Asian culture, most of us are not such respectful to time as westerners do. As to translation industry, it's normal that some of our counterparts are procrastinating or just offer wrongfully estimated lead time. These kind of delayed deliveries often cause problems to customers or even are totally harmful to them. We know it's not necessary to explore the reason for the unpunctual actions, however, to perform an accurate translation project evaluation and to implement scientific working control have been more and more essential for a translation company.

time of translation

Thanks to our smart project appraisal system and powerful project management tools, our translation tasks have never been unjustifiably estimated or improperly postponed. During the past 10 years, the amount for yearly average complaint for delayed handover is 4.93 only, constitutes less than 5% of the whole. When doing preliminary assessment, Jinyu utilizes tools of format transforming, word content counting, replicate sentence detecting and written quality checking to calculate the overall difficulty of certain manuscripts, without any subjective or personal judge. Meanwhile, we have imported multiple translation management software to make sure that every single process (working, typesetting, validating) is in the right rail.

Finally, Jinyu thinks about self-development. The logic is simple: if we are greater, our customers will also be greater. We have witnessed so many peers working hard on the job but still struggling at basic business level. Therefore, we have been trying hard on strengthening our investment on production, optimizing our management ability, improving the marketing scale and diversifying our business scope.

development of translation