Being a middle-man is simple, and hard.

China is a country abundant of precious resources and competitive products. Nowadays, wholesalers and retailers flock to here purchasing goods (clothes, electronics, hardware, materials and so on) and reselling to their market. If those goods are cheap and relatively decent, they will get significant profit from it.

business agent

Now the problem is: How to keep a close eye on the changing supply market, and to process things like money paying, goods checking, or shipping here in limited time? Although some of them can be done with the help of suppliers or online, you may suffer from delayed delivery, unwanted custom payment, unqualified products, or even quantity shortage.

Over the past 10 years, Jinyu has been a good helper to solve the problems of our customers who was buying goods from China. They can pay directly to supplier but authorized us as a neutral supervisor to check up factories, testing samples, validate schedules, and arrange shipping.

So working as an agent is easy. We have a fixed workflow for the whole process: supplier approval, factory examination, price negotiation, delivery checking, fund review, custom declaration, shipping arrangement. Everything is in scientific practice and thus in perfect control. For example, in supplier approval section, we do a series of researches on different suppliers for knowing of 1) productivity, 2) process plausibility, 3) quality control ability, 4) industry qualifications, 5) solution potentials etc.

business agent - validate

Jinyu has developed an effective working mode for business assistance. We utilize our survey forms or assessment tables to finish the audit job, in an objective way.

Actually, it is hard to handle all things together. In spite that the hard time for us is passed, we are still working harder for our customers. Before we created our supplier evaluation system, we were struggling hard for a straight way to perform a thorough test on those vendors. Everything was done in a casual way then. Later we found this would not be cost-effective and useful, so we decided to develop an appraisal system.

business agent - problem solve

However, it is a tough job to coordinate their manufacturing schedule or to fix temporary problems. For instance, when the goods are not being produced timely, we will take actions to prompt suppliers to speed up. To be aware of the situation quickly, our customized monitoring program ensures that real time data is updating at daily intervals. Meanwhile, our interactive system will push them correspondingly moving faster.

Meanwhile, it is hard to resist the desire of money. That is also the key point to be neutral. In China, there is a hidden rule that supplier give a small sum of money secretly to purchasing party (normally an agent) as bribe or commission, with cost transfer to actual buying party. Namely, if the real quotation for 10 dresses is $95, the seller often gives the price of $100, within which $5 is for agent. That is to say, middle agent is always harmful to his buyer by swallowing his money.

business agent - money

From the perspective of foreign buyer, they are unaware of this trick and should not pay for it. Apparently, when buying in this way, it is a win-win situation between seller and agent, with buyer paying everything. At Jinyu, this activity is prohibited, as we have our principles, one of which is to be conscientious. During the past years, out honesty has been greatly complimented by our customers.