How to get a Job from Tencent in Shenzhen China

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Tencent, located in the Southern city Shenzhen of China, is one of the Internet tycoons providing online services such as Internet social communications, games, news media etc. Tens of thousands of Apps like QQ or Wechat has been released and widely used by Chinese users.

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Working at Tencent has always been a dream for many of the developers, designers or managers. Meanwhile, Tencent is eager to recruit talents of Internet field too. For foreigners, are there any chances to have a job here? In this article, we'd like to talk about job related information.

Is Tencent hiring foreigners?

Yes, on its official human resource platform, various occupations are open to candidates from around the world. People in 17 countries can find jobs at home. The job posts are changing from time to time too.

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From jobs information available abroad, the types of job titles cover game developers, technologists, system developers, marketers, internships and so on, with full-time and part-time available. Among those jobs, game designers, video algorism engineers, machine learning developers and marketing workers are in most need.

For job application, it is easy to send resumes online. On the job detail page of a certain job title (actually it is powered by, there is an online application form. Job hunters can fill the blanks and click button to send application request. Cover letter and LinkedIn profile are optional but they enjoy high priorities.

And, one thing which shall be noted is that when applying job from Tencent online, submitting Chinese a CV is important. For the characteristics of this China-based employer, occasions of Chinese communication increase. Meanwhile, A Chinese translated edition of resume will help the screening process and looks more impressive.

Can I work at Tencent in Shenzhen?

From the jobs released on the platform, almost all of them offered in Shenzhen are made for Chinese candidates. Even though there are some content written in English, they might not be targeted for foreigners.

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According to article 6 of Rules for the Administration of Employment of Foreigner in China, recruitment shall be applied on situation when no Chinese candidates can be found domestically:

第六条 用人单位聘用外国人从事的岗位应是有特殊需要,国内暂缺适当人选,且不违反国家有关规定的岗位。

Article 6 The post to be filled by the foreigner recruited by the employer shall be the post of special need, a post that cannot be filled by any domestic candidates for the time being but violates no government regulations.

For the unique Internet conditions, development of China's computer technologies is closely linked to its typical market. This could affect Tencent's human resource strategy in China also: Chinese staff is preferred.

Meanwhile, labor cost in Chinese market has also been considered by employers, which further reduced chances of foreigners been hired in China.

Are there any chances?

Yes, in spite of the unfavorable employment situations, there are some online resources for foreigners still. Here are 5 of them:


51job is one of the biggest website for employment on which most of the Chinese graduates register and generate their resumes. Tens of thousands of new jobs are coming out every day.

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Because it is in Chinese, we recommend 2 useful keywords for job search.

外教 ("wài jiào") [Foreign Teacher]. Obviously, foreign teacher is one of the most needed jobs in Chinese education market. In big cities, families are sending their children to tutorial classes taught by aliens. So, when putting this Chinese word in the search form, we can get:

51job search result

By clicking any of the search results, details of the job title can be seen:

51job search result

Most of the employers put phone numbers or emails directly on the detail page, so you can collect lots of information here and contact easily.

外籍 ("wài jí") [Foreign]. This is a keyword more generic for wider search results when a teaching job is not in need. While putting this adjective in search, we will see:

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Just click into the results and find what you want.


Similar to 51job, is also a major platform in Chinese. Many of the enterprises are cooperating with both of them on human resources. Foreigners can perform the same searches as before.

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3. is a special website for foreign job seekers. Without login, visitors can view newest job chances freely. When signed up, one can publish personal resume on system which displays on the index page.


People can get more related services like hunting, promoting or advertising here. Jobs are displayed in time order, which can be sorted by working type, payment method, industry or location.

4. eChinaJobs

This is a foreigner friendly website as all elements on it are in English. Expats get no bother to find anything they want quickly and easily. Meanwhile, login data is connected to Facebook, Google or LinkedIn accounts, so you will not worry about boring passwords and the connectivity.

5. is also a beautiful and useful website designed for foreign job seekers in China. It is also a great App based on Wechat. People can scan the barcode offered on every page to finish more subsequent actions like sharing, applying or login on your phone.


How to prepare documents needed?

Illegal employment occurs when no working permission is obtained. According to Article 41 and Article 43 of Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China:

Article 41 Foreigners who work in China shall obtain work permits and work-type residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations. No entities or individuals shall employ foreigners who have no work permits or work-type residence permits.

Article 43 Any of the following acts of foreigners shall be deemed unlawful employment:

(1) Work in China without obtaining work permits or work-type residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations;

(2) Work in China beyond the scope prescribed in the work permits; or

(3) Foreign students work in violation of the regulations on the administration of foreign students working to support their study in China and work beyond the prescribed scope of jobs or prescribed time limit.

So, how to get a so-called "work permits"? Here are 7 generic steps (please be noted that some of the works are done by the employer):

1. Foreigners sign letters of intent with Chinese employers.

2. The employer goes to the local labor bureau to apply for the Employment License for foreigners. Documents needed:

  • Original and photocopy of business license
  • Report on the reasons for employing foreigners
  • Letter of intent for employment
  • Chinese resume, qualification certificate and passport copy of foreigners
  • Photocopy of recent health certificate
  • Application form for hiring foreigners (stamped at the applicant's office, and a recent two-inch certificate photo is posted on it)

3. After the employer has approved been by the district commerce bureau and the municipal commerce bureau, the employer may issue the "invitation to work (notice visa letter)" and the "employment permit" to the foreigners to be hired. Documents needed:

  • Employment permit for foreigners
  • Application
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Copy of business license
  • Letter of commitment (downloaded from official website of the Local Bureau of Commerce)

4. Foreigner applies for a work visa to the Chinese embassy and consulate in the host country on the basis of the invitation to work letter and the employment license of foreigners in step 3.

5. The foreigner comes to China, and signs the employment contract with the employer.

6. Within 15 days after the entry of the foreigner, the employer shall apply for the Employment Certificate for the foreigner with the Employment license and the Employment contract and the valid passport of the foreigner to the local labor bureau of the employment city.

7. Within 30 days after entry, foreigners shall apply for a residence permit to the local public security organ on the basis of an employment permit.

Above are the major steps for applying working permit in China. Actual situations may be different from content listed here and more documents may need. In conclusion, here are materials needed:

  • application report of the Aliens Employment Certificate (the reasons for the employment shall be explained in detail)
  • Original and photocopy of company registration certificate or legal registration certificate of employer
  • Original and photocopy of valid passport (visa) of foreigner
  • Labor contract or employment agreement (must specify the duration of employment, employment position and work content, labor remuneration, welfare treatment, liability for breach of contract, etc.) which is signed and sealed by both parties
  • Foreign employee's Resume including the last study experience, academic certificate, certificate of qualification for the proposed employment (note: the work resume must be printed in Chinese and sealed by the employer; if the work resume and academic certificate are in foreign language, a Chinese translation copy shall be provided at the same time and the seal shall be confirmed by the employer)
  • Health certificate issued or confirmed by entry and exit inspection and quarantine department
  • Employment application registration form for hiring foreigners
  • Bareheaded photos of two inches
  • Notarized Noncriminal Certificate


Working at big companies like Tencent in China should be a good experience. Moreover, there are a large number of opportunities for a foreigner who wants to earn money or establish his business here. Just starting from finding a Chinese partner and getting a work permit, one can get increasing possibilities in this new world.

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