6 Online Chinese Wholesale Platforms for Apparels Market

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Foreigners are coming to China to explore great sceneries, deal with affairs or to seek for business opportunities. Among those who are finding suppliers here, many of them are in fashion business (dresses, shoes, bags, suits and so on). They pay to Chinese suppliers here and ship products back to their country as wholesalers.

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As the biggest exporter for textile and clothing, China's fashion products are various and cheap. In this article, we'd like to talk about popular online resources for wholesale of fashion products, and some helpful advices or skills to save cost.

Why Online?

We know that some of you are unfamiliar with the industry here and are willing to go to the local market, where thousands of concrete products are listed in stores. You may think it a good idea to at least touch the goods before you decide, rather than buying them directly online.

However, purchasing them from offline market has the following disadvantages:

  • Higher price. Selling products offline will inevitably increase the cost, which covers house rent, transportation, extra margin and human resources. The more processes one product has, the more expensive it will be.
  • Limited choices. Fashion industry is highly depending on popular trends. Due to the limit of invested capital or sales plan, a store will not stock with an abundant of clothing with a variety of styles. Meanwhile, it is not capable of supplying in line with the fashion trends timely. What's more, limited time or available shops will put restrictions on available products.
  • Unwanted information. Imagine this: you are shopping around the market to find suitable products when some foreigners like you are squeezing themselves into one store to deal with the owner. Some of them tell you the dress is hot selling in their country, and then you will likely to follow them to buy without knowing anything. Meanwhile, the shop owners are always saying their products are selling well which in most cases are merely their tricks.
  • Hard money turnover. When going to the market to procure products, assuming $10 for each, one wholesaler will pay $1,000 in one lump sum for 100 products. The investment will get repaid only when all of his purchased products are sold out.

Compared to traditional mode of procurement, purchasing online is good for saving money and getting instant and comprehensive information for fashion trends or supplying situations. Beginners can easily get started by checking online for popular goods or by choosing targets from recommended results or top lists. Neither bulk cash nor rich experiences are needed.

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Here is a comparison between these 2 ways of wholesaling:

Comparison Between Offline Purchasing and Online Purchasing
Offline Online
Higher price Lower price for less running cost
Limited choices Unlimited choices for real-time updating products, countless shops and free time and energy
Unwanted information Real information all the time (statistic numbers, products details, shop and market information)
Hard money turnover Easy money turnover as minimum order quantity is flexible, bulk stock is unnecessary for further cooperation
Decent after sales services To be improved
Drop-shipping unavailable Drop-shipping available

In short, online wholesaling is preferred by more and more wholesalers or retailers. For the after sales services, it will no longer be a weakness if acceptable solutions are agreed and practiced by both parties.

Useful Online Platforms

1. General - 1688 (www.1688.com). Established in 1999, 1688.com is an important platform with various goods which are available for wholesalers. As a product member of Alibaba, it is friendly to most of the online platform, such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, EBay or Lazada.

It is home to Chinese online sellers of all industries. Factories and agents are encouraged to stay connected here, hence no matter famous manufacturers or certain goods can always be found on this website.

Chinese online wholesale platform - 1688

Although it is in Chinese, translation is available when using online translator. At least one can find product pictures or supplier contact information on specific pages. When registered with Taobao account, Visitors can chat with vendors online or buying samples.

2. General - Huicong (www.hc360.com). Huicong is the biggest counterpart of 1688, with a number of 15 million registered enterprise users. Similar to 1688, it contains wholesalers of all fields.

Chinese online wholesale platform - huicong

Registering for buyers is free and easy. Chinese cellphone number is required for verification code, and buyers can publish their request for quotations and contact using the free account. For some suppliers, QQ live chat is available at single click.

3. Women Shoes - Kaishan (k3.cn). Based on Taizhou, one of the biggest shoes manufacturing cities, K3 is a professional web platform for women shoes, offering free product pictures, fast information republishing, and free drop-shipping.

Chinese online wholesale platform - k3

Cheap and fancy shoes are listed here. Without registration, visitors can search for products models they want and directly contact supplier by QQ chat or phone call.

4. Women bags - Baoniuniu (bao66.cn). Like K3, Bao66 is a platform for women bags based on one of the major cities of bag industry Baoding. All sorts of bags are here for wholesale. One can find lots of cheap and fair bags for sale.

Chinese online wholesale platform - bao66

Online chatting with supplier or phone calling is free for visitors also. Every product data can be transferred to famous Chinese C2C platforms directly via APIs, which makes it easier for smaller online business.

5. Women Dress - 17zwd (17zwd.com). This is a business information website with its products targeted at women casual dress market. Most of the source of goods is coming from Guangzhou, a city famous for textile process industry. Buyers can upload any product here onto their own online stores or download it offline.

Chinese online wholesale platform - 17zwd

Meanwhile, dro-shipping is easy by uploading essential information. Supplier contact information is also effortless to access.

6. Children Dress - zhilitongzhuang (zhilitongzhuang.com). Zhili is an area located in Huzhou, a famous city renowned for children dress. This website is the biggest platform for online shopping of all categories of Children dress.

Chinese online wholesale platform - zhilitongzhuang

It's convenient to publish purchasing request here about clothes, fabric equipment, materials or accessories. Visitors can pay directly online for sample testing.

Advices & Skills

1. Having a QQ account. As the biggest live chatting App in China, QQ brings better chances of getting in touch with suppliers, Chinese friends, manufacturers or potential customers to all its users. It is free and easy. Taking the above platforms as example, most of them are offering free QQ chat service by which foreign visitors can contact any seller at any time.

2. Wholesaling both online and offline. In spite that online shopping is convenient and effective in most cases, it's better to combine it with offline activities together. As the boundary of online and offline business becomes ambiguous, sometimes one can find information online while going to the near market to check product in person, or just collect and analyze factories information online and visit or call them.

3. Using Baidu Translate. As the biggest Chinese translation platform, Baidu is doing well on local website translation. When putting URL into the form, result containing English will be coming out quickly and correctly. It is very practical when searching on Chinese wholesale websites.

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